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Largest selection of holiday Activities in Mauritius! Tours, Attractions, Day Packages, Car Rental, Weddings Hotel Packages and many more.

Mauritius Restaurants Guide (

The leading and biggest restaurant directory and guide in Mauritius offering the most up-to-date information on Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Cafes, Catering services, Food shops and related businesses in Mauritius.

Mauritius Catamaran Cruises Guide

Your full guide and excellent source of information on catamaran cruises in Mauritius. The place where you will find detailed information on all the various catamaran cruises in Mauritius and many more.

Vacances Maurice est le principal fournisseur d’attractions

Vacances Maurice est le principal fournisseur d’attractions, de visites guidées et d’excursions sur l’Ile Maurice.Nous offrons une large sélection d'excursions, d'activités et de visites guidées qui vous permettra de profiter pleinement de votre séjour sur notre île paradisiaque.

Golf In Mauritius - Official Website

Mauritius Golf Guide - a complete guide for playing golf in Mauritius - Golf Packages, Golf Courses, Photos, Golf Maps and many more...

Mauritius Villas Rentals by Beau Manguier Villas Ltd

Beau Manguier Villas Ltd is a holiday rental agency specialized in attractive prestigious villas and apartments in Mauritius. Most of our accommodations are either located on the beachfront or feature a private swimming pool and garden.

The WorldWide Directory of Tours & Vacations.

Ile Maurice Restaurants ( est le meilleur et le plus grand répertoire de restaurant et guide ā l’Ile Maurice offrant les informations à jour sur les Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, service de restauration, boutiques d’aliments et des entreprises associées ā l’Ile Maurice.

Mauritius Jewellery

Car Rental in Mauritius

The leading providers of car rental services in Mauritius - MCR Car Rentals Mauritius.

Mauritius Kosher and Jewish Services, by Mauritius Attractions

Mauritius Attractions is the most respected tour operator in Mauritius catering for many thousands of travelers visiting Mauritius every year. As part of our group’s operation, we do have a dedicated division providing the kosher traveler with a full range of exciting travel option while ensuring the highest level of kashrut. - Best Deals for Mauritians & residents is the number ONE platform dedicated to the needs of our people, us Mauritian and local residents.

The website focuses on catering for the very best deals and packages on the island guaranteeing maximum value for you, our client.

Be it Hotel Overnight Packages, Leisure Activities, Day Packages in Hotels, Restaurant Meals, Spa & Beauty Treatments and even Travel Packages to other countries, you are sure to have it ALL on ONE place!


MauritiusHotels is the No. 1 platform for hotel bookings in Mauritius.

The website focus on catering for the very best hotel deals and accommodation packages in Mauritius, guaranteeing maximum value for our customers.

Over the years, not only has MauritiusHotels built an exclusive portfolio of the best hotels in Mauritius, but we also offer unique privilege service packages at the lowest price in Mauritius, under our strict Best Price Guarantee policy.

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