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While Mauritius is undoubtedly a paradise offering a plethora of attractions, a visit to the island's top temples should be at the forefront of your itinerary.

Since 1835, the arrival of Indian communities has profoundly shaped Mauritius, making Hindus nearly half the island's population. This cultural tapestry is vividly reflected in the stunning array of temples scattered across the island.

Here are 10 must-visit temples in Mauritius (in no particular order):

1. Mangal Mahadev at Ganga Talao

Nestled amidst the secluded mountainous terrain of Savanne district is the Ganga Talao, also known as Grand Bassin. This sacred lake, cradled within the crater of an extinct volcano and resting 1800 feet above sea level, is believed to connect with the sacred Ganges river in India.

While at Ganga Talao, you will also have the opportunity to see Mangal Mahadev, a Shiva statue of 108 feet (33m) - the highest known statue in Mauritius and one of the 50 highest statues in the world!

Ganga Talao Temple - Mauritius

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Good to know :

  • Each year (late February or early March), around half a million Mauritian Hindus honour Lord Shiva by walking to the Ganga Talao with Kanwars (decorated structure) for Shivaratri. You might even catch a glimpse of some fish in the lake or wild monkeys happily munching on coconuts.

2. Sagar Shiv Mandir Temple

Nestled on l’Île aux Goyaviers, at Poste de Flacq (eastern part of Mauritius), lies the Hindu temple of Sagar Shiv Mandir.

Constructed in 2007 with the Ghunowa family's generosity, this temple offers a serene escape for travellers. Admire the stunning 30m bronze statue of Shiva and soak in the peaceful atmosphere, especially during sunrise.

Sagar Shiv Mandir Temple - Mauritius

Fun fact: The white Hindu temple perches delicately on a miniature islet, linked to the mainland by a thin land bridge.

3. Sockalingum Meenatchee Ammen Kovil Temple

Nestled in Sainte-Croix, a suburb of the capital city, Port Louis, the Shri Sockalingum Meenatchee Ammen Kovil, also known as Kaylasson, is a revered sanctuary of Tamil spirituality.

Built in 1854, its resplendent Dravidian architecture evokes South India's grandeur, adorned with intricate sculptures from Hindu mythology. Visited by Tamil devotees and people from all over the world, it is renowned for the tranquillity amidst the rustling leaves of mango trees and the melodious songs of birds.

Sockalingum Meenatchee Ammen Kovil Temple - Mauritius

Little-known fact: The temple's design mirrors the human body, featuring 6 stations representing different organs.

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4. Maheswarnath Shiv Mandir Temple

Discover the awe-inspiring Maheswarnath Shiv Mandir, known as the "Grand Shivala Triolet," nestled in the vibrant northern region of Mauritius.

Dating back to 1891 and boasting exquisite Bengal-style architecture, the temple features iconic Pancha-Ratna design and revered deities like Lord Bhairava, Lord Nataraja and Goddess Kali.

Maheswarnath Shiv Mandir Temple - Mauritius

Good to know: Visitors have the opportunity to observe the annual Maha Shivratri celebrations held in February or March.

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5. Sri Prasanna Venkateswara Temple

Discover the hidden gem of Sri Prasanna Venkateswara Temple, nestled in the heart of Mauritius in the village of La Laura-Malenga.

Built in 1921 to honour Lord Venkateswara, this stunning Hindu temple underwent a magnificent renovation in 2010, showcasing the craftsmanship of skilled artisans from South India.

Sri Prasanna Venkateswara Temple - Mauritius

Here's something cool: The statue of Lord Venkatesh there is adorned in gold and precious gems!

6. Pandurang Kshetra Mandir Temple

Discover the Pandurang Kshetra Mandir, a temple nestled in Cascavelle on the western coast of Mauritius. Built in 1902 by labourers from Maharashtra, India, this temple pays homage to Lord Ganesha, the deity revered for intelligence and wisdom.

Maintained by the Marathi community, the temple's rooftop features three domes, adding to its architectural allure. While Lord Ganesha takes centre stage in worship, visitors will also find numerous other deity idols within its sacred walls.

Pandurang Kshetra Mandir Temple - Mauritius

Good to Know: The Pandurang Kshetra Mandir in Cascavelle, Mauritius, features traditional Indian design elements with a unique touch of locally sourced carved volcanic rock!

7. Sri Shiv Subramanya Temple

Explore the captivating Sri Shiv Subramanya Temple, also known as the Mountain Temple, situated atop Corps de Garde Mountain in Port Louis.

Built in 1907 by an Indian labourer with a visionary spirit, this Dravidian masterpiece emerges as a sacred haven for followers of Murugan, the God of War, hosting vibrant Hindu festivities year-round.

Sri Shiv Subramanya Temple - Mauritius

Protip: Don't miss the breathtaking panoramic views of Port Louis from this temple!

8. Shiv Shakti Mandir Temple

Shiv Shakti Mandir, a prominent temple situated at the heart of Mauritius along the Vacoas-Phoenix border.

This architectural gem was built in 1922 in honour of Lord Shiva other divine deities. Admire its pristine white facade, inviting visitors to partake in prayer and meditation.

Shiv Shakti Mandir Temple - Mauritius

Interesting tidbit: The Shiv Shakti Mandir was the first Hindu temple in the Indian Ocean region to achieve ISO 9001 certification, highlighting its commitment to environmental sustainability.

9. Hare Krsna Iskcon Temple

The Hare Krishna ISKCON Temple is nestled in the picturesque village of Bon Accueil, located on the northeast side of Mauritius.

With a global following, this temple channels the divine aura of Lord Krishna. Its walls are adorned with mesmerising paintings narrating the life of the revered deity, spanning 6 months of meticulous craftsmanship.

Hare Krsna Iskcon Temple - Mauritius

Good to Know:

  • You can enjoy the tasty vegetarian dishes at the onsite restaurant.
  • The temple also provides accommodation in guest houses for tourists and devotees alike.

10. Amma Tookay Kovil Temple

The Amma Tookay Kovil, situated in Riche Bois in the southern part of Mauritius. Originally founded amidst sugarcane fields by indentured labourers, it is now managed by the Savanne Tamil Benevolent Society since the 1960s.

You’ll find Hindu deities such as Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Lord Muruga, Sri Durga, Sri Hanuman, and The Nava Grahas.

Amma Tookay Kovil Temple - Mauritius

Good to Know: Originally built with a bamboo and straw structure, the temple has withstood cyclones before evolving into its current concrete form.

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