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Mauritius Tours - Introduction

Explore the magical island of Mauritius with Mauritius Attractions extensive range of sightseeing tours. We offers you sightseeing tours to all regions of Mauritius which includes tours to the main tourists sights, beach tours, island tours, nature tours and many more.

Mauritius Attractions offers some of the most popular and out-of-the-ordinary Mauritius tours and in Mauritius. As part of these tours you will get to visit many highlights in one day, and to visit all the must see sights in Mauritius. These tour packages are the best, cheapest, easiest and most time efficient way to explore Mauritius.

Mauritius Tours

Île aux Cerfs island Tour

Île aux Cerfs island Tour

Full day tour to Ile Aux Cerfs - day tour full of fun and relaxation!

As part of this tour you will visit:Grand Bay, Trou d'Eau Douce , Ile aux Cerfs and the Grand River South East waterfall.

You will be picked up from Grand Bay at around 08:30 in the direction of Trou d'Eau Douce by bus, enjoying great views of Mauritius’ coast line.

Then, traveling by motor boat you will arrive to Ile aux Cerfs, which is a beautiful island near the east coast of Mauritius. This amazing paradise island is the perfect setting for a relaxing day of sun worship. As you approach the island by boat, you will see the swaying palm trees and the pure white beaches framed by the vivid turquoise waters.

Enjoy a day of relaxation and fun on one of the picture-postcard beaches or enjoy a swim and/or snorkel in the azure sea. You can also take advantage of the wide range of facilities on the island and the various water sports activities found there.

After the visit to Ile aux Cerfs, you will travel by speed boat to the Grand River South East waterfall for a great view of the waterfall and from there back to Grand Bay by bus. Expected arrival time back to Grand Bay is 18:00.

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Mauritius Complete Tea Route tour

The complete tour to discover the traditional Mauritius by following the Mauritian Tea Route.

Awaken your five senses as you discover the making of teas, rum, vanilla, essential oils - and as you stroll down the exotic gardens of the Bois Cheri tea plantation.

A guide will walk you around during your visit and will guide you on the history, stories and tales of all the sites. It is a trip that will take you back in time to the first days of Mauritius with its rich colonial history and you will get a chance to learn on the importance of tea productions in Mauritius.

You will visit the “Domaine des Aubineaux” and its gardens. Domaine des Aubineaux is a colonial house built in 1872, which has been converted into a museum dedicated to the history of Mauritian Tea.

You will discover, amongst others, furniture dating back to the 17th century, and a great collection of photos of colonial houses which have been demolished. Also, you will find several displays explaining the important role that the tea industry played throughout time.

After the visit to the house, you will continue the tour and will visit its gardens - Camphor tree garden. While strolling in the Camphor tree garden, take a look at the diversity of exotic plants as well as trees of the endemic forest, and enjoy the beautiful sight of the tea plantation and of the breathtaking nature all around. Following the visit to the garden you will have a short break in the famous Tea room and enjoy the delicious buffet of tea & scones.

Mauritius Complete Tea Route tour

The tour will continue with a visit to Bois Chéri which is the second stop in the Mauritian Tea Route tour. The Bois Chéri is the first and biggest tea producer in Mauritius, operating since 1892.

After a guided tour of the factory, you will discover the history of tea while visiting the tea production museum. Nowadays Bois Chéri produces a new range of flavored teas, green teas and herbal teas. You may taste them during your visit, while enjoying a great panoramic view of the beautiful south of the island.

You will then continue you tour to the third stop of the Tea Route - the Saint Aubin house. Built in 1819, It has been home to several managers of the sugar estate, before being renovated in the 90's to preserve a part of the Mauritian heritage. Today one may still see the beams and ship poles used in its original construction.

The estate produces sugar canes, processed to make sugar as well as the delicious agricultural rum, the manufacture of which you may see at the distillery. You will also discover the interesting transformation process of the vanilla orchid: from the flower to the aromatic pod.

The Mauritius Tea Route tour includes:

Bois Cheri Tour Mauritius
  • A guide to walk you through the Domaine des Aubineaux
  • Visit of a colonial mansion-museum built in 1872
  • Tour across the gardens of the Domaine des Aubineaux
  • A light buffet at the tea room (tea & British bread)
  • A guided tour of the Bois Cheri tea factory
  • Visit of the tea museum
  • Visit to the tea plantation
  • A tea tasting session at the chalet (tea & biscuits)
  • A guided tour of the Saint Aubin house
  • Visit of the “Rum” House and Tasting
  • Visit of the Vanilla House
  • Visit of the Anthurium (flowers) la greenhouses
  • Visit of the tropical garden

The full tour takes 5-7 hours.

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Mauritius North Tour

A full day tour to the North of Mauritius

As part of this tour you will visit many highlights in one day: Mauritius Aquarium, Mauritius National Botanical garden, Sugar estate & Museum, town of Port Louis, Natural history Museum and waterfront.

The first visit will be to the Mauritius Aquarium. The aquarium, located in a small relaxing village in the North West of Mauritius, is home to a large number of species including over 200 species of fish, invertebrates, live coral and sponges, originating from the waters around the island.
The newly designed architecture of the aquarium shows off what the aquarium has to offer to a better degree. In the Aquarium you are able to enjoy a unique walk on the ocean floor observing what Mauritius’ marine life has to offer. During your visit you will get to see the Crown squirrel fish and the Devil Firefish as well as a number of sharks. Also, get ready to see neon brights, glowing yellows, fluorescent greens, purples and other amazing colors you probably didn’t believe could be found in any marine wildlife.
There is also a special touch pool for children to experience direct contact with some of the species in the aquarium.

Mauritius North Tour

Later the tour will continue to the Mauritius National Botanical gardens. The botanical gardens, home to an incredible variety of tropical plants, many of them indigenous.

The Botanical Garden is one of the most visited attractions in Mauritius. It was first opened as a private garden by the French governor of Mauritius nearly 300 years ago.

The garden stretches over endless acres of land and it can take you more than a week to cover the whole garden. The botanical garden is populated with more than 650 varieties of plants among which are the famous Baobabs , the palmier bouteille, the ineluctable giant water lilies, dozens of medicinal plants, 85 different varieties of palms, a big spice garden and many more.

The tour will then continue to the Sugar estate and museum which stretches over 5000 square meters. In the estate you will discover the stories, tales and background on the sugar, such as: sugar throughout the ages, the history of sugar production and growing in Mauritius, manufacturing progress of sugar, the Sugar Routes- journeys of sugar and the history of commercial exchanges throughout the world and many more.
You can also enjoy a selection of panorama videos and films on many sugar related subject s. Also, as part of your visit, you will have the o pportunity to shop at the estate’s boutique - Don’t miss this great opportunity to enjoy, try, and to purchase a unique-local made special sugars, and the local made Mauritian rum!

If you wish, you can also enjoy a lunch at the Sugar estate restaurant, where you can have a great quality lunch with a magnificent view of the Pieter Both Mountain.

You will end the tour with a visit to Port Louis, which is the capital of Mauritius. It is the Mauritius' largest city and the economic and administrative center of the island. Port Louis has plenty of character. Right off the main square you can stroll besides the palm-lined Place d'Armes. You can see some wonderful French colonial buildings, especially the Government House and the Municipal Theater. In Port Louis you can also see few sightseeing attractions such as the: the Anglican and Catholic cathedrals, the main city Mosque, Chinatown, the lively covered market, the Supreme Court house, the 18th century Barracks and the Natural History Museum.

The duration of the Mauritius North Tour: 8:30 to 18:00

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Mauritius South & South West Tour

A full day tour to the South and South West regions of Mauritius

As part of this tour you will visit: Crocodile Farm & Nature Park, Rochester Falls, Gris-Gris, the Riambel beach, Pointe aux Roches, Baie du Cap, Macondé & Le Morne Brabant and Flic en Flac. A true, a must places to see when visiting Mauritius.

It is a day full of fun, relaxation and of highlights and attractions in Mauritius!

The first stop will be at the Crocodile Farm & Nature Park. The park which is home to various species of animals, reptiles and plants is set in a beautiful rain forested valley with natural freshwater springs, full of prawns and fish. During your stay in the crocodile park you can also experience a firsthand unique encounter with the giant tortoises (turtles), and get a rare chance to feed, pet and play with them.
There is also a mini zoo of Mauritian fauna where you can find most of the Mauritian mammals and reptiles including skinks, phelsumas (geckos), tortoises, turtles, bats, deers, mongooses, monkeys, pigs, as well as domestic livestock such as goats, fat-tailed sheep and donkeys.
A must see is the park's rare collection of butterflies and other brightly-colored insects (with about 23 000 species), which is one of the biggest and most fascinating in the world.

Rochester Falls Mauritius

The next stop is the Rochester waterfalls, which are located near the southern coast of Mauritius. This area is full of natural beauties and interesting formations. The organ-pipe shaped basalt columns near the waterfall and the signs of lava balls revealed from the way are really spectacular

The tour will continue to the cliffs of Gris-Gris of Souillac which are found on the Southern tip of Mauritius. Gris Gris received its name for its gloomy and moody atmosphere which you will find all year round.
This is the only place in Mauritius where there is an opening in the barrier reefs circling Mauritius. And accordingly the only place you can see the big waves reaching the shores and crashing on the cliffs.

The next stop is Riambel, a small village in the south of the island. Anyone going there will feel the high energy with intense vibratory levels which flow there. As part of the tour you will also visit the beautiful beach of Riambel.

From Riambel the tour will continue along the coastline visiting the breathtaking beaches of Pointe aux Roches, Baie du Cap, Macondé, and the Le Morne Brabant.

Le Morne Brabant is a peninsula at the extreme south-western tip of Mauritius. It is highlighted by a single standing basaltic rock with a summit of 556 meters above sea level. Le Morne Brabant is one of the most imposing sights on Mauritius. It is surrounded by a lagoon and is one of the most famous tourist attractions. In Le Morne Brabant one can find one of the rarest plants in the world, the Mandrinette. Another rare plant which grows only on the sides of the rock is the Trochetia boutoniana.

You will end the tour visiting the beautiful beaches of Flic en Flac for a wonderful relaxation and/or swimming. Flic en Flac with its beautiful beaches which are considered some of the best in the world is the second most popular tourist destination of Mauritius after Grand Bay.

The duration of the Mauritius South and South West tour: 8:30 to 18:00

Mauritius Le Pouce Mountain Trek Hiking Trekking Click here for the Mauritius South & South West Tour activity page

Mauritius South West Tour

A full day tour to the South West of Mauritius

As part of this tour you will visit: Floreal, Trou aux Cerfs, Curepipe, Mare aux Vacoas, Grand Bassin, Black River Gorge, Chamarel (seven-colored earth), view of point Le Morne, Casela bird park.

The first stop is Floreal, where you will visit local handcrafts workshops, such as the wool facotry, a model boats workshop, a diamond cutting workshop and more. During your visit you will see the various steps of garments making. Be enchanted by the soft touch of materials, learn the technical aspect of machinery, and be amazed by the artistict work done by the people at work.
Many of the boutiques and factory shops in Floreal offer a vast range of products. You will be able to puchase at competitive prices hand made craft, watches, paintings and top designer garments and many more, all directly from the manufactures.
You can also take a break on a beautiful terrace while enjoying a wonderful meal or drink in the peaceful atmosphere of the centre.

Mauritius South West Tour Grand Bassin

From Floreal heading to Curepipe, you will stop on the way to visit the Trou aux Cerfs ( extinct volcano ). This huge natural volcanic crater, 85m deep and 200m wide, was formed millions of years ago. There you will have a beautiful panoramic view of the crater and of the town of Curepipe, and when the sky are clear, even see all the way to Reunion Island.

From Trou aux Cerfs you will continue the tour visiting the town of Curepipe, and then the Mare aux Vacoas, the biggest natural water reservoir of the island. There lies the mysterious and enchanting Grand Bassin, a holy lake for Mauritians of Hindu faith. It is said that the water inside the lake communicates with the waters of the holy Ganges of India. The Hindus declared the Grand Bassin as a Holy lake. The Hindu community performs there a pilgrimage every year on the Maha Sivaratri/“Siva’s Great Night”, on this day they honor the Lord Siva.

From there the tour continues to the Black River Gorges natural park, where it is possible to see many endangered species of plants and animals, and to enjoy a breathtaking viewpoint of Alexandra falls.

Mauritius South West Tour

Then, reach one of the wonders of Mauritius and definitely one of the must things to see – the Seven Colored Earth of Chamarel. The landscape is truly unique and there is also a great view of the neighboring Chamarel falls and the lush vegetation all around.

The final stop of this tour is at the Casela Bird Park. This park, on an area of about 25 hectares, is home to more than 150 bird species from many different continents. The Pink Pigeon, one of the rarest species in the world, is one of the main attractions. The park is also home to many tigers and monkeys. Most amazing collection of orchids will accompany you on your stroll around while also enjoying the meandering streams, lush nature, cascades and fishponds.

The duration of the Mauritius South West tour: 8:30 to 18:00

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Mauritius South-East Tour

A full day tour to the South East of Mauritius

As part of this tour you will visit: Eureka, Leval Nature Park, the town & museum of Mahébourg, Blue Bay beach, Ylang Ylang and the South-East coast.

Mauritius South-East Tour

The first stop of the tour is Eureka. Eureka is a unique house and museum built in 1830 located by the river of Moka.

The house with the 109 doors is interesting for its antique furniture, old photographs, china and architecture. Worth seeing is the beautiful garden surrounding the house with beautiful flowers, majestic waterfalls, and the endemic plants.

From Eureka you will continue the tour to Leval Nature Park, which is situated in the South East of the island at the Grand Port District.

The park lies in a beautiful location between flourishing mountains. The park is full of animals, and during your visit you will have a chance to see wide range of animals such as deers, monkeys, various bird species, and many more.

The next stop is the traditional Mauritian village of Mahebourg. Mahebourg is named after Bertrand François Mahé de La Bourdonnais, one of the most successful governors of the French period. The well-planned wide streets in the old section of Mahébourg still bear testimony to the Dutch and French colonial past.
You will visit the Historical Naval Museum which recounts the epic naval battles of the past between the Royal Navy and the French Navy. Today Mahébourg is a bustling centre of local trade. The new waterfront complex will offer you to enjoy memorable walks along the sea side.

You will continue the tour with a visit to the beautiful Blue Bay beach with its crystal clear turquoise blue water. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius. Blue bay is the perfect place for relaxation, swimming and snorkeling, as it is considered the best place for snorkeling in Mauritius.

The tour will continue with a visit to the Ylang-ylang distillery and its gardens. This distillery is one of the oldest on Mauritius (more than 100 years old). Its main resource is the plantation of Ylang-ylang from which fragrant yellow flowers perfume is derived. From there you will get to see an amazing panoramic view over the bay of Vieux Grand Port and of the neighboring islands.

The duration of the Mauritius South East tour: 8:30 to 18:00

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Mauritius Shopping Tour

Mauritius Shopping Tour

Full Day of shopping tour in Mauritius- Shop Till You Drop!

This tour will take you to all the main shopping locations in Mauritius

As part of this tour you will visit: Port Louis, Curepipe, Floreal, Rose Hill and/or Quatre Burnes. Which are the best places to go shopping in Mauritius.

Shopping in Mauritius - Mauritius has a reputation of being a shopping paradise. Whether it is a textile, jewelry, handcrafts, or many other desired shopping items, you will probably find what you are looking for in Mauritius and for very attractive prices.
Mauritius for many years, has a reputation of a manufacture of quality textile, unique designed jewelery, wide range of hand crafts such as: artificial flowers, model boats, wooden art and many more.
All this makes Mauritius a shopping paradise offering very high value-for-money on your shopping, and turns the shopping experience into a very interesting and enjoyable one.
In this tour, you will discover the various shopping centers, arcades, duty free shops, markets, jewelery shops and arts and crafts boutiques Mauritius has to offer.

You will first visit Port Louis, which is the capital of Mauritius. Port Louis is the nation's largest city, and the economic and administrative center of the island. Port Louis has plenty of character. Right off the main square you can stroll besides the palm-lined Place d'Armes. If you are looking for a more relaxed shopping environment, then you should visit the Le Caudan Waterfront shopping complex.
You will get a very different shopping experience visiting Port Louis central market – the market is the ideal place to find many local made products, textiles, Mauritian spices, fruits and many souvenirs for very cheap prices.
On your time break from shopping, you can see some wonderful French colonial buildings, especially the Government House and the Municipal Theater. You can also tour the city streets and visit the Anglican and Catholic cathedrals, the main city Mosque, Chinatown, the Supreme Court house, the 18th century Barracks and many more sights all around the city.

After your visit to Port Louis, you will visit Curepipe. Curepipe is located in the district of Plaines Wilhems in Mauritius. It is the second city in size and importance after Port Louis. Curepipe is a great place to do you your shopping where you will find many duty free shops, ships models boutique, Indian wear clothing shops and much more. There is also a casino there which is the only European style Casino in Mauritius.

The next stop is Floreal, where you can visit local handcrafts workshops and factory shops, such as the wool factory, a model boats workshop, a diamond cutting workshop and more. Many of the boutiques and factory shops in Floreal offer a vast range of products. You will be able to purchase at competitive prices hand made crafts, watches, paintings and top designer garments and many more directly from the manufactures.

The tour will then continue to Rose Hill or to Quatre Bornes (will be decided according to weather conditions, traffic and time left).

Rose Hill is the third largest city in Mauritius. Rose Hill became very populated because of its higher plains offering a much cooler climate. Today, Rose Hill is a busy town with many shops and attractions. It is by far the largest residential town in Mauritius inhabited by all ethnic groups. Accordingly, it is possible to find an extensive variety of shops offering a vast range of products for all the ethic groups.

Quatre Bornes, which means four boundary stones in French, is located in the Upper Plaines Wilhems district. It is considered by many the most happening town in Mauritius. Quatre Bornes is also known for its nightlife and its large choice of discos. When you visit Quatre Burnes, make sure to visit the central market place.

The duration of the Mauritius shopping tour: 8:30 to 17:00

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Full Day Private Tour in Mauritius

Enjoy a full day Exclusive sightseeing tour in Mauritius in a private car.

The full day private tour includes full transportation to all the sights, pick up and drop off from any hotel in Mauritius and a driver to show you around.

A personal driver will take you for a full day private sightseeing tour in Mauritius according to your requirements and wishes.
These tours include key tourist sights, attractions and place of interest in the South, West, North or East of Mauritius, accompanied by a professional, friendly and knowledgeable driver.

Car Capacity: Up to 4 passengers can go on this private tour in each car.

The Duration of all the private trips is: 09:00 – 17:00 (8 hours in total) (Upon request it is possible to start or finish the tour in a different time)

Mauritius Attractions offers a selection of Private sightseeing tours in Mauritius:

  • Mauritius North Tour
  • Mauritius South & Southwest Tour
  • Mauritius South West Tour
  • Mauritius South Chamouny Tour
  • Mauritius South East Tour
  • Mauritius Tea Route Tour
  • Mauritius Shopping Tour
  • Mauritius Customized Tour

Additional information about the Mauritius Private tours:

All taxi drivers speak fluent English and French. The drivers, citizens of Mauritius, will be happy to provide you with information about Mauritius and each of its sights.

All drivers are very professional, time efficient and friendly. There is high emphasis on being always on time and providing reliable devoted service to customers.

In addition to the driver we can also provide a professional personal travel guide to join the tour and sit beside the driver.
The personal guide will walk along side you and will offer personal guidance in each of the locations, provide insights on each of the sights and information about Mauritius, its history, culture, traditions, places of interest, and more.

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