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 For those looking for adventurous nature activities, the selection is vast and you are sure to find your preferred activity that will thrill and challenge you while offering breathtaking views and unique nature discovery experience.

For the more courageous ones, it possible to test your courage by jumping a 7 meters cliff jump into the water during The Half Day Canyoning trip to Tamarind Falls or discover waterfalls and crystal clear ponds of Rivière Papayes.

In addition to the traditional canyoning activities, we offer a range of great nature activities such as Zip Lines Treks for those wishing to experience flying like a bird (at Galets River, Yemen Reserve and Vallee des Couleurs), mountain hiking, treetops adventures on Ile aux Cerfs and many more.

These exciting trips are done in different regions of the island, allowing you to discover the various landscapes and luxurious fauna and flora of Mauritius.

You will find below exciting, adrenaline-charged schedule of adventure activities suitable for almost all ages catering for everyone from the less adventurous to the extreme lovers.

Ile aux Cerfs - Treetops Adventure

Ile aux Cerfs Treetops Adventure Come and enjoy this unique adventure in the treetops on the paradise Ile aux Cerfs Island It is a Treetop Adventure offering an excellent mix of activities to… read more →

Special Offer29€ 14€


Duration : 1 hrs 30 mins

Ziplining at Casela Park

About Ziplining at Casela World of Adventures Package Feel the thrill of Zip Lines that make you feel like you’re actually flying - Adrenaline junkies can go for a combination of experiences… read more →

Special Offer25€ 18€


Duration : Flexible

Zip line Excursions at Vallée des Couleurs

Zip line Excursions at Vallée des Couleurs Experience an aerial adrenaline rush through a thrilling zipline adventure at the Vallée des Couleurs reserve situated in the beautiful… read more →

Special Offer50€ 26€


Duration : Flexible

500m Zip Line + Mini Lunch At Vallée Des Couleurs

Zip Line (500m) and Mini Lunch at Vallée des Couleurs Get ready for a once in a lifetime zip line adventure. Where adrenaline rush is guaranteed! It is an activity for the brave heart, as you… read more →

Special Offer45€ 39€


Duration : Flexible

350m Nepalese Bridge + 500m Zip Line Adventure

Nepalese Bridge + Zip Line Adventure At Vallée Des Couleurs Gear up for an adventure of a lifetime at the magnificent Vallée des Couleurs in the South of Mauritius, where you will enjoy… read more →

Special Offer70€ 58€


Duration : Flexible

Zip Lines (Tyroliennes) Adventure

Zip lines excursion in the south of Mauritius at River Galets with optional Traditional Mauritian Lunch. A unique and exhilarating zip lines (Tyroliennes) excursion in the very south of Mauritius.… read more →

Special Offer75€ 59€


Duration : 4 hrs

3.5 km Ziplining at Domaine de L’Etoile

About the Ziplines at the Domaine in Mauritius Take your need for speed to new heights in Mauritius, with this thrilling zipline adventure! Spreading over 1200 hectares of pristine forest in the vast… read more →

Special Offer70€ 60€


Duration : 1 hrs

Canyoning Excursion - Tamarind Falls - Half Day

Half day canyoning excursion at the South West area of Mauritius at Tamarind Falls. The canyoning excursion is offered at the Tamarind Falls which constitute a scenic attraction of the South West of… read more →

Special Offer95€ 85€

South West

Duration : 4 hrs 30 mins

Ziplinning - Lions Walking - Animal Park - 1 Day Package

Ziplinning - Lions Walking - Animal Park - 1 Day Package

Ziplinning – Walking with Lions – Animals Parks - Day package Day of adventures in Mauritius! As part of this day package you will get to experience an exhilarating zip lines (Tyroliennes… read more →

Special Offer199€ 179€


Duration : 9 hrs

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