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Location South West
Location South East
Operating Days All Days
Duration 8 hrs
Activity Time 09:00 - 17:00
Transportation Included in price
from 56€

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About the Endemic Mauritius Nature Tour

This specially-curated tour is ideal for nature lovers of all kinds. Experience the breathtaking scenery, rugged mountains, and beautiful fauna and flora of Mauritius. From Ile aux Aigrettes to Ebony Forest, you will discover a large variety of endemic plant and animal species and learn more about the history of the island. Enjoy a delicious lunch at Le Takamaka Restaurant (Optional) and look out for beautiful tropical plants and birds while hiking at the Ebony Forest.

As part of the Endemic Mauritius Nature Tour you will enjoy the following:

Endemic Mauritius Nature Tour
  • Visit to the island of Ile aux Aigrettes
  • Lunch at Le Takamaka Restaurant, Ebony Forest (Optional)
  • Explore the Ebony Forest

The full day Endemic tour also includes:

  • Pick up and drop off from any hotel / place of accommodation anywhere in Mauritius
  • Full transportation to all the sights
  • A personal driver guide to show you around and inform you on each of the sights

All along, you will travel in maximum convenience in an air-conditioned family car / minivan (for bigger groups), with an experienced driver/guide to show you around.

Your Endemic Mauritius Nature Tour will start off with a guided visit of Ile aux Aigrettes, which will allow you to discover native plant and animal species.

Next, you will have a delicious lunch at Le Takamaka restaurant at the Ebony Forest reserve and lastly, you will explore the Ebony Forest through hiking or walking across the raised walkways while admiring the native fauna and flora of Mauritius.

The Endemic Mauritius Nature Tour Itinerary

Ile aux Aigrettes

Ile aux Aigrettes, an island turned nature reserve in 1965, invites all nature lovers to discover what the ecosystem was like before the arrival of man. This green haven is filled with unique endemic species waiting to be discovered. While exploring the island, you will come across native species such as the pink pigeon, the Mauritius Fody, the Mauritius Olive white-eye, the beautifully coloured day gecko, the Telfair’s Skink and Aldabra giant tortoises. If you are lucky, you might even spot Big Daddy, a 100-year old tortoise who fathered most of the young tortoises on the island.

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF), a local NGO, dedicated to the conservation of rare species, has put tremendous efforts in this 26-hectare coral island, to restore the place to its original state by replanting the endemic forest and reinstating endemic species. Your guided visit of the nature reserve will allow you to learn more about the flora and fauna of the island.

Ebony Forest

You can spend your time hiking, strolling or simply meandering along the trails and tracks at the Ebony Forest. While making your way through the forest, you will get to admire the native fauna of Mauritius, such as fruit bats, swiftlets and tropicbirds soaring high along the mountains’ ridgeline. The two mid-canopy walkways through the Ebony Forest will give you the surreal sensation of floating through one of the best-preserved forests on the island. If you are a keen bird watcher, you will be able to spot the endemic birds that the Ebony Forest hosts, such as the Mauritius Paradise Flycatcher, Mauritian Black Bulbul and grey-white eyes. The Sublime Point offers a breathtaking view of Le Morne Brabant and the surrounding bays where you can also see a lot of tropical birds, including the white-tailed tropicbird.

Additional information regarding the Endemic Mauritius Nature Tour

Start & End times:

  • Duration: The duration of the Endemic Nature Tour is 8 hours
  • This private tour is offered every day
  • Departure time: 9:00 am from your hotel / place of accommodation
  • Return time: 17:00 pm back to your hotel / place of accommodation

(Upon request it is possible to start or finish the tour in a different time)

Car Capacities

You can choose from a selection of vehicles types:

  • Family Car - Up to 4 passengers
  • 6 Seater vehicle - Up to 6 passengers
  • Minivan - Up to 10 passengers

About the drivers

  • All drivers speak fluent English and French (Upon special request we can organize driver who speaks additional languages). The drivers, citizens of Mauritius, will be happy to provide you with information about Mauritius and each of its sights.
  • All drivers are very professional, time efficient and friendly. There is high emphasis on being always on time and providing reliable devoted service to customers.


  • The private tour is done in a private car / minivan (for bigger groups) and includes full transportation to all the sights, pick up and drop off from any hotel in Mauritius and a driver to show you around.

Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu at Ebony Forest - Le Takamaka Restaurant (Optional)

The restaurant offers light lunches and local specialities such as deer sausages or the special poisson salé pizza. Furthermore, the restaurant uses the exotic wood removed during their restoration work to fuel their wood-fired pizza oven.

Endemic Mauritius Nature Tour

Adults Menu


  • Chicken skewers with pineapple sauce OR Aubergine chutney on toast

Main Dish

  • Salade Bois d'Olive OR

Black olives, cucumber, feta, pineapple, onion, peanuts, tomato, lettuce, raisins

  • Salade Ebony OR

Chicken, mushroom, tomato, onion, capsicum, lettuce

  • Pizza Margherita (large) OR

Tomato sauce and mozzarella

  • Pizza Latanier (large) OR

Chicken, onion, black olives, tomato sauce and mozzarella

  • Chicken curry accompanied with rice, salad, vegetables and black lentils or dhol OR
  • Curry Barri

Gateau piment and aubergine curry accompanied with rice, salad, vegetables and black lentils or dhol


  • Banana tart OR Ice-cream / sorbet (3 scoops)


  • Non-alcoholic cold drink
Endemic Mauritius Nature Tour

Kids Menu

Main Dish

  • Pizza Margherita (small): Tomato sauce and mozzarella OR
  • Fish fingers and chips OR
  • Chicken nuggets and chips


  • Ice-cream / sorbet (1 scoop)


  • Juice



The Transportation prices are Per Vehicle (and not per person). You can choose the vehicle type according to the number of passengers in your group.

  • Private Daily Tour in a family Car (for up to 4 people): 85 Euro
  • Private Daily Tour in a 6 Seater vehicle (for up to 6 people): 95 Euro
  • Private Daily Tour in a Minivan (up to 10 people): 115 Euro

Endemic Mauritius Nature Tour Prices:

  • Price Per Adult: 35 Euro


  • Price Per Child (5-12): 22 Euro


Optional Lunch:

  • Adults Menu - 17 Euro / Adult
  • Kids Menu (5-12) - 8 Euro / Child

Total Tour Price Per Person

Number of Participants Total Price Price Per Person
2 Adults 155 Euros 77 Euros
4 Adults 225 Euros 56 Euros
6 Adults 305 Euros 50 Euros
12 Adults 535 Euros 45 Euros
2 Adults + 2 Children 199 Euros 50 Euros

The total tour price includes: Private Transportation and Entry Tickets to all the sights

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86% Level of Satisfaction Based on 1 review

| reviewed by John Kafka – United States | October 13, 2017
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