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Albion: A Quaint Village with Cliffs, Hidden Caves & a Lighthouse

Albion, inspired by Britain's cliffs of Dover, is known for its iconic lighthouse.

Nestled in the west part of Mauritius, Albion is known as the quietest little village of the island and it is home to the famous lighthouse of Pointe aux Caves, as well known to be a fishing hotspot and a remote beach destination.

It features wild cliffs where waves crash dramatically, offering stunning views. Hidden caves below the cliffs, home to birds and bats, add to its unique appeal.

Albion - Mauritius

Hotels in Albion

There’s a 5-star hotel as well as guesthouses, private apartments and villas in Albion.

The most renowned and popular hotel in the region is:

Club Med Albion - Mauritius

Set along one of the wildest beaches of the island, La Plantation d'Albion is perched on the sandy shores of the west coast of Mauritius where the rich coral sea meets 21 hectares of lush garden. This all-inclusive resort offers guests an authentic Mauritian holiday with attentive service.

Albion Beach

The beach of Albion is located 10 km north of Flic en Flac and stretches along a small and quiet white sandy bay and is surrounded by Casuarina trees and a blue lagoon.

Not far from Albion and a short drive, you can visit some famous beaches such as:

Albion - Mauritius

Places of Interest in Albion

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse of Pointe aux Caves is an emblem of the region. The lighthouse began construction in 1909 and was finally inaugurated in 1910. The structure rises to 30 m high and offers an excellent view over the region.

Note: Visits to the lighthouse will require an authorisation letter which can be obtained by requesting with the Mauritius Ports Authority.

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Albion - Mauritius

Other places to visit nearby Albion:

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