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About the St. Louis Cathedral

Step into history at the St. Louis Cathedral, locally known as ‘Katedral Sin Lwi’, situated in the heart of Port-Louis, near Champ de Mars.

Dating back to the 18th century, this architectural marvel has endured the test of time, serving as the seat of the bishop of the Port Louis diocese. Initially constructed between 1752 and 1756, the cathedral faced various destruction by cyclones and subsequent rebuilding efforts.

Notably, Sir Robert Farquhar, the first British Governor, oversaw its restoration in 1814, elevating it to cathedral status in 1847.

Fun Fact: It’s the only cathedral in Mauritius

History of the St. Louis Cathedral

Early Years

The cathedral’s story is one of resilience and rebirth. The early years of St. Louis Cathedral was marked by adversity.

Originally built as a temporary wooden chapel where the Bank of Mauritius is now located, it later found its permanent home thanks to French governor Mahe de Labourdonnais’ vision for a grand church in the capital.

Despite wars and natural disasters, the religious building persevered through multiple reconstructions, including a significant renovation under Monseigneur James Leen in 1933.

The Present

Today, visitors are greeted by a grander cathedral, yet echoes of its past resonate in the facade’s stone towers and the interior’s timeless relics. The altar, where Father Laval once rested, remains a poignant reminder of its enduring legacy.

The Cathedral serves as the burial place of six of its bishops, following and honouring the customs of the Catholic Church.

Good To Know

  • The site is popular for weddings
  • Mass is held every day: Monday to Friday at 06:30, Saturday at 17:30, and Sunday at 09:00
  • When visiting the Cathedral, you’re kindly requested to show due respect by adhering to any onsite signs or instructions and dressing modestly.

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