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Location South
Operating Hours 09:00 - 17:00
Operating Days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Duration Flexible
Activity Time Flexible
Transportation Offered as Supplement
Comment The seaplane is suitable for only one passenger at a time.
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Overview & Highlights

Exclusive Seaplane Tour of the Underwater Waterfall – Southwest Overview

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the Exclusive Seaplane Tour of the Underwater Waterfall specially designed for those seeking a unique way of discovering the island.

If you are looking for the perfect way to enjoy your getaway this holiday, book a seaplane with us today and make the moments unforgettable. It is super affordable, and you get to choose the ideal seaplane flights duration that will suit your budget. Get this package and experience a thrilling take-off and unparalleled views of the coast with a private seaplane as you fly over multiple sites of the Southwest.


  • Experience an Exclusive Seaplane Tour - a unique way of discovering the island landscape
  • Select your preferred flight duration to suit your schedule, and tour different landmarks depending on your chosen route
  • Feel the unique thrill of a water take-off and capture those moments so you can cherish them forever
  • Witness the picture perfect Underwater Waterfall, the optical illusion near the shores of Le Morne Brabant
  • Contemplate the pristine beauty of the region from its coastal fishing villages to islets and captivating views of the Indian Ocean
  • Enjoy panoramic sceneries in the seaplane with a 360° viewing angle - perfect to click the best pictures
  • Choose the DUO option and have 2 identical seaplanes flying side by side

What's Included

Exclusive Seaplane Tour of the Underwater Waterfall (Southwest) - Inclusions

  • Exclusive and Private Seaplane Tour with only you and the pilot
  • Tour aboard a seaplane offering the unique thrill of a water take-off and landing
  • Choose your preferred duration and itinerary - 15 / 25 / 40 / 60 minutes
  • View the iconic Underwater Waterfall
  • Discover other sites and landmarks depending on option chosen
  • 360° viewing angle and panoramic views of the area from the seaplane
  • Personal guidance about the sites from the pilot
  • Well-appointed seaplane with high comfort levels and deluxe body-contoured seats

Choose between the following Private Seaplane Flights:

  • 15 minutes flight - Fly over the Underwater Waterfall Illusion
  • 25 minutes flight - Underwater Waterfall Illusion + Extended Seaplane flight
  • 40 minutes flight - The most Popular Option. Underwater waterfall Illusion + unique bird’s eye view of Mauritius’ Southern coast and a UNESCO World Heritage Site - Le Morne Mountain
  • 60 minutes flight - Get all the perks of the options above for 1 hour. Explore the southern coasts, Blue Bay Marine Park + Underwater waterfall Illusion and UNESCO World Heritage Site - Le Morne Mountain
  • DUO option - For any of the options chosen, two passengers in two different seaplanes fly side by side (1 passenger per plane)

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Transportation & Driver Details

Direct pick up from almost any region of Bel Ombre and Le Morne is offered at the discretion of the pilot and has to be confirmed at the time of booking as per the exact requested pick up location

Otherwise, transport is available for an additional supplement and will include pick up and drop off from any hotel / place of accommodation in Mauritius.

Car Capacities

You can choose from a selection of vehicles types:

Family Car - Up to 4 passengers
6 Seater vehicle - Up to 6 passengers
Minivan - Up to 10 passengers
About the Drivers

All drivers speak fluent English and French (Upon special request we can organize drivers who speak additional languages). The drivers, citizens of Mauritius, will be happy to provide you with information about Mauritius and each of its sights.

All drivers are very professional, time efficient and friendly. There is high emphasis on being always on time and providing reliable devoted service to customers.

Meeting Point & Times
Meeting Point:

La Prairie, South Region*

Start & End times:
Operating Hours: 09h00 - 17h00
Duration: 15, 25, 40 or 60-minutes flight

*Note: Pick up and drop off points are undertaken at suitable locations mainly on the beach. Direct pick up from almost any region of Bel Ombre and Le Morne is offered at the discretion of the pilot and has to be confirmed at the time of booking as per the exact requested pick up location.

Day Itinerary

15- Minute Option

  • La Prairie
  • Maconde
  • The underwater waterfall
  • îlot Fourneau
  • Village du Morne
  • La Prairie

25-Minute Option

  • La Prairie
  • The underwater waterfall
  • îlot Fourneau- Maconde
  • Bel Ombre
  • Rivière des Galets
  • La Prairie

40-Minute Option

  • La Prairie
  • The underwater waterfall
  • îlot Fourneau- Maconde
  • Bel Ombre
  • Rivière des Galets
  • Souillac
  • Gris Gris
  • La Prairie

60-Minute Option

  • La Prairie
  • The underwater waterfall
  • îlot Fourneau
  • Maconde
  • Bel Ombre
  • Rivière des Galets
  • Souillac
  • Gris Gris
  • île des Deux Cocos
  • Blue Bay Marine Park
  • Grand Port
  • île au Phare
  • La Prairie
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Full Description

About the Exclusive Seaplane Tour of the Underwater Waterfall

Enjoy the unique privilege to fly on a private seaplane, with just you and the pilot onboard for a solo trip in the Mauritian skies. Alternatively, you might choose the optional Duo Flight, whereby 2 identical seaplanes fly side by side while communicating by radio, each carrying 1 passenger.

While flying in the south-western part of the island, the aircraft will allow you to have an unmatched panoramic view. Discover the majestic Underwater Waterfall, the waterfall cascade that went viral and more iconic landmarks of the island.

Get ready for the most stunning views of our immaculate lagoons, painted in multiple shades of blue, bordered by crystal beaches and other jewels of Mauritius island along with its surrounding islets.

  • The 15-Minute Offer

In 15 minutes, feel the breathtaking and wonderful sensation of the seaplane taking off leisurely on the tantalising ocean.

Depart from the beautiful La Prairie Lagoon and fly over the rock of Macondé at Baie du Cap (one of the 10 most beautiful scenic roads in the world), Fourneau Islet and the spectacular underwater waterfall illusion at the tip of Le Morne peninsula.

  • The 25-Minute Offer

This 25-minute flight at a higher altitude gives you ample time to soak in this dream show, comfortably seated next to the pilot.

Discover the famous landmark, the magical Underwater Waterfall as a privileged witness. Capture the scenic, vibrant landscapes as you fly past the beautiful coastlines, and view the Riviere des Galets shore, spotted with thousands of small pebbles- a real wonder of nature.

  • The 40-Minute Offer

Being the most popular choice, this 40 minutes flight takes you over the bedazzled South Coast, with the chance to treat your senses for longer.

This incredible tour across multiple lagoons inundated with different shades of blue, offers you a sight right out of a museum- a true piece of art. And of course, you get to witness the famed Le Morne underwater waterfall illusion.

  • The 60-Minute Offer

If you wish to enjoy the perks mentioned above, the 60-min flight offer is the right one for you! Like all the other flights, you’ll get a sighting of the illusory waterfall.

Fly high like a bird over the wonderful lagoon of Blue Bay Marine Park, discover the bejewelled beaches alongside sensational islets like Ile des Deux Cocos and Ile au Phare. For a whole hour, feast your eyes on exceptional views from a unique perspective, ranging from the south coastal regions to south east coast.

Additional Information about the Sights on the West coast of Mauritius

Underwater Waterfall

The phenomenal Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius is one of the most unique geological formations in the world. Located on the southern-west tip of the island, this dramatic and out of the ordinary geological phenomenon offers an outstanding sight.

Mauritius happens to sit on an ocean shelf raised above seabed level. Off this particular coast, a gradual slope is noticed, abruptly ending in a 4000-meter-deep abyssal drop. Thanks to this marine topography, various shades of blue are visible, due to the constant movement of sand and silt deposits along these slopes. It is this unique harmony of shades which create the wondrous optical illusion known as the underwater waterfall.

Le Morne Mountain

The symbolic Le Morne Brabant is a majestic mountain located in the South Western part of Mauritius, on the Le Morne peninsula. The majestic mountain has been declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO since July 6, 2008 to commemorate the Marronage (runaway slaves) legacy in Mauritius. It is believed that the slaves were committing suicide by jumping off the cliff of the mountain due to the very inhumane treatment they suffered.

Le Morne Brabant is one of the most preserved and wildest mountains of the island. It is a habitat to a very large variety of endemic and narrow-endemic species, such as the rare Trochetia Boutoniana, which is the floral emblem of Mauritius.

Blue Bay Marine Park

Located in the south-east of the island, Blue Bay was declared a national park in 1997. It was then designated as a wetland site under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance in 2008.

The marine park is famous for its amazing coral garden, which is home to hundreds of varieties of corals and its lively unique and colorful fauna. Close to the coastline, the site offers ideal conditions for snorkeling with a rich biodiversity as well as calm and shallow sea-water.


Between Le Morne and Baie du Cap is where you will be able to witness the stunning Maconde View Point. It is believed that the name “Maconde” originates from the slavery period, where runaway slaves from the Makonde tribe of Mozambique came to seek refuge. Others believe that it was named after the governor Jean Baptiste Henri Conde, who built an outlook on the cliff.

The winding road along the basalt cliffs with the ocean lapping against the rocks, make for quite a sight and is a popular spot for those interested in watching the ocean swells.

Rivière des Galets

Settled between Souillac and Bel Ombre in the south of Mauritius, Rivière des Galets is popular for its unique beach, featuring thousands of little pebbles.

This scenic spot is a famed tourist attraction, perfect for a relaxing moment in a serene atmosphere as you watch the giant waves breaking on the shore. Instead of the usual white sand, this coastal region boasts polished pebbles that are equally mesmerising.

Gris Gris

The village of Gris-Gris is found at the Southern tip of Mauritius. The appeal of Gris Gris lies in its scenery, the high cliffs here drop abruptly to the sea and the bracing winds of the Indian Ocean blow all year round.

Gris-Gris is well known for its sea cliff and this is definitely a sight worth seeing. This part of the island is not surrounded by coral reefs and this is why heavy waves crash directly on the cliffs. At the southern end of Gris-Gris you will have a great viewpoint on the cliffs and will see the squashing of waves against the flanks of the cliffs.

Ile des Deux Cocos

The Ile des Deux Cocos islet is found off the coast of the south east. Rich with native vegetation, the islet is surrounded by dramatic views of the ocean pounding against the reefs and of the mountain range of Mauritius’ east coast.

Its outstanding natural beauty makes it a popular destination for a private island experience, away from this worldly noise. Nestled amongst the trees, lies the magical “Follies” Villa which was built over 100 years ago by Sir Hesketh Bellor.

Ile au Phare

Most commonly referred to as Ile au Phare by the locals, the islet is located on the coral reef in the southeast of Mauritius, in the bay of Grand Port. This rocky islet offers an enchanting panorama, bordered by azure blue waters along with waves crashing on the cliffs.

Ile au Phare is rich in history, classified as a historical monument dating back to the era of colonisation in Mauritius that still prevails. Given that it’s not populated, the wild beauty of the island has been preserved and stands gloriously amidst the Mauritian waters.

La Prairie

Located in the southwest of Mauritius, near the village of Baie-du-Cap, La Prairie Beach is one of many other spectacular beaches in the Savanne district. The huge lagoon is a real treat for the eyes, with multiple secluded corners that allow you to relax & unwind, away from the crowd.

It's hard not to fall in love with such a picturesque beach that emanates big islander vibes. La Prairie owes its name to the grass that grows along the edge of the pristine lagoon. This adds to the beauty and charm of this place whilst offering a postcard worthy view.

About the TL Ultralight TL-3000 Sirius Aircraft

The refined aircraft features high-wing design and elegant contours, setting new benchmarks in comfort and ergonomics. The well-appointed cockpit offers high comfort levels with upholstered, deluxe body-contoured seats. In the cockpit you will also get to enjoy a 360° view and low noise levels, that make for a truly enjoyable and memorable experience.

An experienced pilot, trained according to global safety standards, will guide you throughout your amazing trip.

Model: Ultralight TL-3000

Cruising Speed: 170 km/h

Cabin Width: 1.13m

Crew: 1 Pilot

Passenger Capacity: 1 passenger

What to bring/wear:
  • We recommend that you bring a camera to capture unforgettable moments!

Comments & Notes
  • Note: Activity time is subject to the time slots available and will be booked accordingly.
  • The seaplane is suitable for only one passenger at a time.
  • Age Requirement: Minimum Age 7. A consent form must be signed for participants under 18 years old.
  • Height Restriction: Maximum height of 2.1m
  • Weight Restriction: Maximum weight of 120kg
  • Safety: Pregnant women should consult their doctor if they wish to participate.
  • Weather: Please note that the activity depends on weather conditions and tides.
  • Covid-19 Protocol: Health and safety measures are being enforced by the Service Provider and Covid-19 protocols are applicable.

Exclusive Seaplane Tour of the Underwater Waterfall  
15 Minutes Flight - Fly over the Underwater Waterfall Illusion 145 Euros
25 Minutes Flight - Underwater Waterfall Illusion + Extended Seaplane flight 210 Euros
40-Minute Flight over the Underwater waterfall + Mru’s Southern coast and a UNESCO World Heritage Site  305 Euros
60-Minute Flight over the Underwater waterfall + southern coasts + Blue Bay Marine Park + and UNESCO World Heritage Site - Le Morne Mountain 420 Euros
DUO Option (Subject to availability):  
15-Minute Flight over the Underwater waterfall only  290 Euros
25-Minute Flight over the Underwater waterfall + Extended Seaplane flight  420 Euros
40-Minute Flight over the Underwater waterfall + Mru’s Southern coast and a UNESCO World Heritage Site  610 Euros
60-Minute Flight over the Underwater waterfall + southern coasts + Blue Bay Marine Park + and UNESCO World Heritage Site - Le Morne Mountain  840 Euros

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(Valid for 3 months)

By ordering an Open Voucher you will be able to choose your preferred date for this activity during a later stage (when you already have full knowledge of the schedule for your trip) and not during the order process. This way you benefit maximum flexibility regarding the date of the desired activity. The open voucher can be used to go on this specific activity during a period of 3 months from the date of its purchase. To learn more about the option of an open voucher, please read our Order & Payment Methods page.

96% Level of Satisfaction Based on 1 review

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