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The South of Mauritius is the best area to enjoy nature and land excursions, including Hiking & Trekking, Animal watching, Safari trips and Canyoning.
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About Historic Marine Boat Factory

Experience the magic of the Historic Marine Boat Factory, where every boat tells a compelling story of maritime heritage.

Historic Marine Boat Factory, nestled in The Vale (just a short drive from Grand Baie), specializes in meticulously crafting replicas of some of the most renowned vessels in maritime history.

Visitors stepping into its workshop are greeted by a place rich in history, offering an immersive journey through the annals of seafaring lore.

Led by knowledgeable guides, guests witness firsthand the intricate craftsmanship that defines every stage of the production process, from hull design to rigging, all conducted with meticulous care and precision by skilled artisans.

From the iconic Caravelle of Christopher Columbus to J.F. Kennedy's sleek Manitou, every model encapsulates the spirit of adventure and discovery.

With over 150 exquisite creations on display, each model comes complete with a certificate of authenticity, a unique serial number, and a lifetime guarantee, ensuring it becomes a cherished heirloom for generations to come.

Fun Fact: The Historic Marine Boat Factory has had the privilege of hosting esteemed guests from around the world, including renowned figures such as Johnny Halliday and President François Mitterrand.


In September 1982, amidst a thriving tourism industry, Charles Edouard Piat, François de Grivel, and Thierry de Nanclas founded Historic Marine in Mauritius. Recognizing the local talent and the growing interest in maritime history, they established one of the island's last model boat workshops.

Good To Know

  • Historic Marine now offers a unique service called "My Boat Replica," allowing owners of sailboats and motorboats to have exact replicas of their vessels crafted.
  • Operating hours: 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays, and 9 AM to 12 PM on Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays.

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