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Magical Overwater Wedding

About the Wedding Package

Close your eyes. Visualize your perfect wedding day, pledging forever in a once-in-a-lifetime location. At Mauritius Attractions, we hold your hand and invite you into something even more magical - into luxurious seclusion - by elevating the common beach nuptials to a spectacular Magical Overwater Wedding ceremony in the middle of a turquoise glistering lagoon.

Magical Overwater Wedding

Romantically remote, Mauritius’ natural land and marine beauty is the perfect setting for the most magical weddings.

Home to a plethora of romantic venues to exchange your vows, the faraway island is likewise the ultimate haven to have a unique floating wedding ceremony surrounded by the azure waters in the lagoon of Grand Gaube, North-East of the island.

The Magical Overwater Wedding Package is offered as an innovative and exclusive concept in Mauritius, designed to excite your imagination while attending to every single bespoke detail you may want.

Every groom wishes to make his better half feel like a princess on their wedding day.

With the floating wedding venue, your marriage will turn into a dreamy ceremony, fulfilling your beloved’s wildest princess fantasies. The door to your fairy tale will open as you will reach the public beach of Grand Gaube. A velvet red carpet rolled out on powder-soft sand will welcome you both to set foot on the wedding platform decorated with soft airy white curtains and fabric. Why white? Because it is the most complete and pure colour symbolizing the wholeness and purity of your vows.

Magical Overwater Wedding

Fresh tropical flowers adorning the floating platform will add to the freshness and fragrance of the venue, making it ultra-romantic in contrast to the sapphire waters and skyline. A handpicked wedding bouquet made of the freshest and loveliest flowers will grace the bride. You will gently sail away for a journey full of promises of an everlasting experience and memories which will last for about four full hours. And you might even be lucky to tie the knot while seeing colorful fish around.

Keeping the experience intimate, the floating platform holds the bridal couple and up to 8 additional guests. To personalize the ceremony, couples will equally be offered the opportunity to select a sumptuous wedding cake baked and decorated from the heart, together with champagne or wine, as well as to set the mood with a band of musicians to mark the once-in-a-lifetime celebration. The services of a Civil Status Officer to register your vows may equally be sought, without you having to worry the least about the formalities. At Mauritius Attractions, we care to execute all the bespoke details of the event to limit the stress on you, so we invite you to contact us with all your requests and questions and wishes as well. We will eagerly pride ourselves in making your dreams come true!

Included in the Magical Overwater Wedding Package:

  • Unique overwater wedding ceremony
  • 4 hours exceptional navigation in the lagoon of Grand Gaube
  • Red carpet to welcome the bridal couple in a distinguished manner
  • Marvelous fresh decoration of the wedding platform
  • Sheer privacy and luxury
  • Loveliest wedding bouquet for the bride
Magical Overwater Wedding

Optional Services offered as part of the Magical Overwater Wedding Package

  • Sumptuous Wedding Cake crafted from the heart
  • World’s best-selling Champagne Laurent Perrier
  • Delicious Wine (red, white, rose)
  • Civil Status Officer
  • Musicians band of 3 persons to set a romantic mood

The Magical Overwater Wedding Venue location:

The Magical Overwater Wedding Venue is set up in the calm turquoise lagoon of Grand Gaube in the North-East of Mauritius. This amazingly green region is known for its sunny and pleasantly warm weather, as well as for its soft sea breeze and gentle waves. It is one of the most beautiful sites in Mauritius offering unrivalled stunning views on the Indian Ocean where turquoise clear waters satisfyingly blends with emerald waters. The venue is the perfect backdrop for the celebration of exceptional moments. Whether you are on the beach of Grand Gaube or in the middle of the lagoon, you will be overwhelmed with the spectacular views of the majestic northern islets of Mauritius-Gunner's Quoin (Coin de Mire), Flat Island, Round Island and Serpent Island, which make a unique and surreal skyline.

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