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Location South
Operating Days All Days
Duration Flexible
Activity Time 09:00 - 17:00
Transportation Offered as Supplement

Did you know?

In addition to the traditional trekking activities in Mauritius, you can also go on a unique adventure activity of Hiking with the ziplining.
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About Riambel Vortex

Need to relax and regenerate energy? We know the perfect place for you! So pack your bags and head to the Riambel Vortex for a much needed break from the hectic life!

Located in the South of the island beside the village of Riambel, the Riambel Vortex is a healing center with some unique features.

You will find a total of fourteen vortices in the world and one of them is located here is Mauritius. The Riambel Vortex is a place of strong energies where one will be able to regenerate energy and indulge in some meditation.

There is a spiritual belief that the Vortex is inhabited by Beings of Light that acts as Celestial Physicians that help to regulate problems of energetic imbalance which cause ailments in the physical body.

The Vortex is the ideal place for one to indulge in the Healing of the Soul. It is also believed that the place is permanently inhabited by highly evolved Beings from other dimensions, Beings of Lights who will work to help you heal yourself.

Upon arrival at the Vortex, you will be greeted with the greenery as setting and the sound of waves crashing against the shore. The Vortex will help you to work on the three bodies of the human being, the physical body, the mind and the soul.

Before heading to the actual Vortex, it is recommended to head to the Light Well that acts as gate openers which will help you to enhance your experience. Once done, you will then head for the Vortex itself where you will spend 20 minutes in total silence either by sitting or by lying down. Next, you will have to choose one of the Chapels that surround the Vortex. Each Chapel represents a different type of chakra and works on different parts of the body and the mind. Just let your intuition guide you in your choice

The Vortex is not associated with any religion and invites youngsters and elders for a visit for those who wish to discover how the Vortex can change the course of life, open you to love, peace and balance.

It is quite difficult to describe the experience as each person has their own unique exploration of it, however it is guaranteed that you will not be leaving the same being you were when you stepped in.

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