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About Rivière des Galets - A Unique Pebble Beach on the Southern Coast

Mauritius is famous for its pristine sandy beaches, but did you know that it also boasts a Pebble Beach?

Rivière-des-Galets stands as a unique gem along the southern coast of Mauritius, just a stone's throw away from Shanti Maurice. It's merely a short drive towards the enchanting St Felix Beach.

But it's not your usual sandy beach. Instead of soft sand, you'll find heaps of grey and black pebbles with some greenery mixed in.

Over the years, the river has worked this coastline, dragging these pebbles from the mountains to the sea over several metres.

So, when you visit, you won't just hear the crashing waves typical of our southern coast. You'll also hear the sound of pebbles clinking together as the waves roll in.

So, if you're looking for something different, come check out this pebble beach where every wave brings its special music.

Good To Know

  • Rivière des Galets welcomes all visitors free of charge and is open to the public all day long.
  • Swimming is discouraged due to safety concerns.

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