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About Rochester Falls

Wish to be surrounded by lush greenery and rugged beauty? You might want to consider Rochester Falls as one stop!

Rochester Falls derives its name from the novel ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Eyre published in 1847, where the name ‘Rochester’ was given to the Domain where the falls are currently located.

Here you will be able to witness the powerful force of nature as the water cascades down from a height of 10 metres onto the rocky beds of the Savanne River. Over millions of years the dramatic cliffs surrounding the waterfall have been transformed into rectangular blocks by the mighty force of the water. Today this unique rock formation is one of the main unique features and attractions of Rochester Falls.

Rochester Falls offers everything from magnificent scenery, pools of clear water, lush greeneries and not to forget the outpouring waterfalls, and we can simply say that it is an ideal setting for some relaxation amidst nature.

You can also take a quick refreshing plunge in the water or bring along a small picnic basket for the perfect picnic break. You might also encounter some locals who dare to jump from the top cliffs down along the waterfall. Please don’t try to imitate them as this can be fatal.

Rochester Falls, on its mesmerizing background, attracted some of Bollywood’s film-makers and the falls have been featured in many Bollywood films.

Rochester Falls has two access points, one at the top of the waterfall which will lead you to the bottom. The rugged nature of the path can be quite tough when walking or driving to the waterfall but it is so much worth the effort! The other path is quite longer and is a rough ride along the stone-strewn track. On your way, you will find a graveyard situated on your left and a little further farmland. Eventually you will find the waterfalls playing hide and seek behind the trees.

It is not recommended to visit Rochester Falls during heavy rain seasons, normally during the beginning of the year, as the water level does reach dangerously high levels and the area surrounding it does get quite muddy and slippery. But we do recommend not to miss out on this amazing scenic location and also to bring your camera along!


  • Proper attire recommended
  • Not to visit during heavy rains season
  • Mosquito repellent recommended

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