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Explore the Rich Heritage of Jummah Masjid in Port Louis

The capital of Mauritius, Port-Louis, may be renowned for its bustling streets, but did you know it’s home to one of the oldest mosques on the island - Jummah Masjid?

The history of the Jummah Masjid dates back to the 1850s, while Mauritius was still under British rule.

The mosque boasts a blend of Indian, Creole and Islamic architecture. Inside, intricate glass chandeliers illuminate the prayer hall.

A centuries-old Indian Almond or Badamia Tree stands at the centre of the mosque's courtyard, witnessing its evolution since 1852.

So, be sure to pay a visit to the Jummah Masjid as it's not just a religious site, but also of great significance in Mauritian history and Islamic heritage.

Fun fact : The shrine of Peer Jamal Shah (Muslim saint from India) can be found next to the mosque.

Evolution of the Jummah Masjid

  • In 1852, Muslim merchants arrived in Mauritius and settled in Port-Louis, the City Centre
  • Eventually, they recognized the need for a place of worship
  • A building was converted into a House of Prayers, serving as the 1st mosque in the area
  • A 2nd Mosque was built in the Eastern Suburb to accommodate the growing Muslim population
  • By 1853, the small mosque (known as "Mosquee des Arabes") was consecrated
  • With time, the "Mosquee des Arabes" mosque became insufficient to accommodate everyone.
  • Adjoining properties were purchased by Muslim merchants to expand the mosque
  • Thanks to the generosity of Muslim merchants, the Jummah Masjid now stands on a larger plot of land, allowing it to accommodate a larger number of worshippers

Good To Know

  • When visiting the mosque, you’re kindly requested to show due respect by adhering to any onsite signs or instructions and dressing modestly.
  • "Masjid" is an Arabic term commonly used to refer to a mosque, which is a place of worship for Muslims.
  • Islamic wedding ceremonies (aka Nikah) are conducted at the Jummah Masjid for both locals and foreigners.
  • Other services include Friday communal prayers (Jummah), Eid Prayers and Islamic education.

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