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About the Père Laval’s Shrine

Père Laval’s Shrine - a sanctuary where believers find solace, miracles are whispered and seekers discover the power of faith.

Located in Sainte Croix, a suburb of the capital city, Port Louis, the Père Laval’s Shrine is a sacred site commemorating the life and legacy of the Blessed Jacques-Désiré Laval, known as the Apostle of Mauritius. Established in honour of his missionary work and tireless dedication to the people of Mauritius, the shrine serves as a place of pilgrimage and prayer. Visitors are greeted by a monumental cross, reminiscent of the one photographed with Père Laval, and practical shelves for visitors to leave candles and floral offerings.

Fun fact :

  • Since his passing, Père Laval's body has been moved several times, yet has never left Sainte-Croix.
  • September 9th marks Père Laval’s Feast Day, celebrated across Mauritius as a holiday to commemorate of his legacy.

History of the Père Laval’s Shrine

Since his death on September 9, 1864, the mortal remains of Père Laval have been carefully preserved, revered and honoured at the shrine. Originally interred in a modest sarcophagus in 1870, his remains were later transferred to a larger tomb in 1964, designed by architect Max Boullé.

In 2014, in honour of the 150th anniversary of Père Laval’s passing, a new ‘caveau’ was built to accommodate the increasing influx of visitors. This newly renovated shrine features an expanded interior, illuminated by natural light pouring in through expansive windows.

About the Blessed Jacques Laval

Jacques-Désiré Laval, born on September 18, 1803, in Normandy, France, dedicated his life to serving others as a French Roman Catholic priest. Beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1979, he is affectionately known as the Apostle of Mauritius for his selfless devotion to the poor and marginalised. Père Laval’s compassionate spirit and commitment to social justice endeared him to the people of Mauritius, where he spent the latter part of his life ministering to the freed slaves and impoverished communities.

His profound impact on the island’s society continues to be celebrated, with thousands of pilgrims visiting his shrine each year to honour his memory and seek his intercession.

Good to know

  • The site is popular for the Père Laval Pilgrimage.
  • Mass is held in the Ste Croix church (next to the Shrine) every day: Monday to Friday at 06:00, Saturday at 17h00 and Sunday at 06:00, 08:00, 09:30 and 17:00.
  • When visiting the Shrine, you’re kindly requested to show due respect by adhering to any onsite signs or instructions and dressing modestly.

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