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Duration 9 hrs
Activity Time 07:30 - 16:30
Transportation Included in price
Comment For Gabriel Island and Benitiers Island time is fix but for Ile aux Cerfs Island, time is flexible
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Sea Activities Package - 3 Days Package

Enjoy a great package of the most recommended sea trips Mauritius has to offer.

As part of this package you will enjoy a unique sailing trip onboard a beautiful 42 feet catamaran to the amazing Gabriel Island at the very north of Mauritius, have an unforgettable experience swimming with dolphins in their natural surroundings and and indulge yourself on a relaxing day on the beautiful and very famous Ile aux Cerfs Island.

3 Days Package – Trips Itinerary

  • Trip 1 Catamaran cruise to Gabriel Island
  • Trip 2 Full day swimming with dolphins including visit to Benitiers Island
  • Trip 3 Ile aux Cerfs Island Tour

You have the flexibility to determine the order in which you will be going for these three full day trips.

The Sea Activities Package includes

  • Visit of Mauritius 3 most famous islands Gabriel Island, Ile aux Cerfs and Benitiers Island
  • Sailing in 3 very different cruising vessels – Catamaran, Speed boat and Motor boat
  • Discovering 3 very different areas of Mauritius – North, West and East

When choosing the 3 days Sea Activities Package you will be sure to enjoy the amazing sea of Mauritius to the fullest, enjoying days of relaxation, a lot of fun, sun and good time.

Included in the price of this special day package are

  • All trips and excursions charges
  • Lunch as part of all 3 the day trips
  • Unlimited supply of drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) – valid as part of the Gabriel Island cruise and as part the Swimming with dolphins trip

Information about each Trip and Excursion

Trip 1 Catamaran cruise to Gabriel Island

Day full of sun, drinks, good food and a lot of fun and relaxation!

Treat yourself to a memorable day, which will be one of the highlights of your holiday in Mauritius.

Enjoy an unforgettable excursion - cruising experience on a luxury 42 ft Catamaran. This Catamaran is very spacious, has 4 double cabins, 2 bathrooms, and a big living room. It has large (and very popular!) flat decks and trampolines for lounging in the sun, a huge shaded cockpit with seating for all passengers, and it offers 360 degree views of the surrounding.

As part of this trip you will sail through the crystal clear water, breathtaking scenery all around, stay on the beautiful white sand beaches, snorkel inside the lagoons exploring the local marine life, and enjoy delicious food and bar services. This cruise is all about making sure you have a full day of true relaxation and fun.

The catamaran cruise starts at 0900, departing from Grand Bay.

The crew members will make sure to make your time enjoyable, and they will be happy to tell you about local folklore and jokes, and play local Mauritian music which will lift the spirits of all the people on board.

The sailing time from Grand Baie to Gabriel Island is approximately 1.5 hours. Gabriel Island is most famous for if its beautiful unspoiled beaches, with crystal clear water surrounding the entire island.

Sometimes during the cruise you will be able to see whales as well as dolphins. If this happens, the crew will stop the boat, in order for you to observe these great animals from close in their natural environment.

At around 12.30 you will enjoy full delicious BBQ lunch buffet set on the main beach of Gabriel Island. Please note that the menu includes fresh fish, chicken, sausages, pasta, selection of fresh salads and deserts. If you are a vegetarian, please inform us in advance, so we can arrange the necessary additions to the lunch.

After lunch you can choose to stay on the beautiful white sand beaches, enjoy a sun bath or a nice walk on the 1 hour hiking trail surrounding the Island. This amazing paradise island is the perfect setting for a relaxing day of sun worship.

This is no doubt a great place to enjoy a day of relaxation and fun on one of the picture-postcard beaches or enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the sea.

At around 1500, you will leave Gabriel Island, heading back to Grand Bay. During the sail back you will enjoy light snacks, the bar services and the live music.

Expected arrival time back to Grand Bay is 1630.

An added bonus for this excursion is that it includes a full open bar service including a selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Trip duration 0900am – 1630pm.

Gabriel Island known also as Îlot Gabriel, is located near the Round Island and the Flat island, at the extreme north of Mauritius, about 10 kilometers north of Cap Malheureux. Gabriel Island is a protected natural reserve. It is most famous for its beautiful unspoiled beaches, with crystal clear water surrounding the entire island. It is a very popular site for snorkelers, and also offers great dive sites.

What is Included? A lot! - (all included in price)

BBQ Lunch menu (will be served on the island)

  • Either fresh Dorade or fresh Marlin or Fresh Tuna
  • Fresh Chicken
  • Sausages
  • Pasta Salad
  • Rice Salad
  • Mixed Salad
  • Fresh Baguettes
  • Banana Flambé
  • Non-stop supply of all drinks such as water, Soft Drinks (Diet Coke, Coke, Soda, Fanta, Sprite), Rhum , Local cocktails, Phoenix local Beer, White wine,Red wine - ALL DAY LONG.
  • CD Player upon request & from own selection

What to bring We suggest bringing hats, t-shirts and extra sun block cream for sun protection, snorkelig gear, cameras, swimsuits.

Trip 2 - Full day Swimming with Dolphins including visit to Benitiers Island

Enjoy a Full-day activity of swimming with dolphins in a speed boat, including a visit to the Island of Benitiers and a complete delicious lunch.

A unique experience of swimming activity with dolphins in their natural surroundings!

This is definitely one of the best things to do in Mauritius.

The full day Swimming with Dolphins trip consists of

  • 2.5 hours at the sea, swimming with the dolphins
  • Cruising inside the west coast lagoon and along the west coast on a speed boat
  • Snorkeling in a key location to discover the local marine life
  • Visit the famous Crystal Rock with a magnificent view of the le Morne Mountain
  • Trip to the beautiful island of Benitiers

As part of this trip you will enjoy

  • Swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat
  • Snorkeling and swimming inside the lagoon
  • Exploring the amazing lagoons and coral reefs surrounding Benitiers island
  • Some relaxation time on one of the beautiful beaches of Benitiers Island
  • Delicious lunch buffet served on Benitiers island

Swimming with dolphins is an incredibly moving experience which will bring you into contact with strikingly beautiful scenery, unspoiled landscapes and wonderful animals.

This is a unique chance to discover these magnificent marine mammals in their natural aquatic habitat.

You’ll plunge into the remarkable world of these marine mammals and come face to face with the dolphins.

Unlike many other dolphin facilities that limit a swim with dolphins program to pools or shallow water encounters, we provide the unique opportunity to enter the dolphins’ natural environment and enjoy an encounter with the dolphins in open sea.

Once you get on board the speed boat, the skipper will brief you on the experience you are about to have and on the day itinerary.

Then you will be off for a wonderful two and half hours in the open sea with the dolphins!

For convenience, snorkeling equipment is available for you to use onboard the boat (free of charge).

Swimming with dolphins offers a rewarding, educational, therapeutic and amazing experience for everyone!

After the 2.5 hours outing with the dolphins, you will be traveling to L’ile aux Benitiers (Benitiers Island). On the way to Benitiers Island the boat will stop for you to enjoy some snorkeling and swimming inside the lagoon. As part of the snorkeling you will be able to discover the reef from close, see many corals and plenty of colorful fish.

Then the boat will continue its cruise heading south for a visit of the famous Crystal Rock which stands out in the middle of the lagoon.

The next stop for the trip is Benitiers Island where you will have lunch and free time for you to enjoy on this beautiful Island. Along the way there is a magnificent view of the impressive Le Morne Mountain.

Once on Benitiers Island, the very competent cooks will start preparing the lunch. Within an hour time you will be eating a delicious lunch of Grilled Kebabs, Seafood and Fish, Chicken, Sausages, Garlic Bread, Salads. Dessert Banana Flambé. Drinks Soda, Coca, Sprite, Water, Fruit Juice, Wine and Beer.

After lunch you will enjoy relaxation time - have the leisure to tan on the beach, walk around the endless beaches of the island or explore the amazing lagoons and coral reefs surrounding the island.

Trip duration 0730am – 1430pm.


  • Note there is a guarantee of 90% that you will see the Dolphins, but if it does not happen, there will be no money refund and instead we will offer you to join a second trip free of charge
  • Snorkeling equipment is provided for you free of charge onboard the boat
  • The trip is not recommended for pregnant women
  • This trips departs from the West Coast from the area of Tamarin
  • There is no requirement to know how to swim in order to go for this trip. The swimming is only optional

Trip 3 - Ile aux Cerfs Island Tour

Enjoy a day full of fun and relaxation on a true paradise island!

This trip was chosen by “Mauritius Travel Magazine” has the “BEST VALUE FOR MONEY TRIP TO ILE AUX CERFS”.

You will get to spend a full day at Ile aux Cerfs, having a delicious 3 course Set menu or BBQ buffet for lunch at the Sands Grill situated along the main beach of Ile aux Cerfs.

This Ile aux Cerfs tour offers a day of pure relaxation as you soak up the sun on the dazzling white sand and swim in the warm turquoise waters that fringe the beaches. You will get to stay on one of the picture-postcard beaches of Ile aux Cerfs and enjoy swimming and snorkelling in the beautiful lagoon surrounding the Island.

You can also take advantage of the wide range of facilities available on the island and of the various water sports.

The Ile aux Cerfs Tour includes:

  • Boat transfers in a comfortable motor boat to Ile aux Cerfs and back to shore
  • Welcome fruit cocktail at the famous Ile aux Cerfs Sand’s Bar
  • Sun Mattress for the day
  • Delicious 3 Course Lunch OR BBQ Lunch buffet served at the Sands Grill (seafood restaurant)
  • Drinks Package [Optional]

The Ile aux Cerfs day tour starts with a boat transfer to Ile aux Cerfs Island. The boat transfer is done in the comfortable spacious motor boat, and the trip takes about 15 minutes. As you approach the island by boat, you will see the swaying palm trees and the pure white beaches framed by the vivid turquoise waters.

Once you reach Ile aux Cerfs you will be guided to the famous Ile aux Cerfs Sands Bar where you will start your Ile aux Cerfs experience with a refreshing fruit cocktail. Then after you will have free time to spend on the beach, going for a stroll, swimming in the lagoon or just relaxation at the Sand’s bar or on the beach.

For your convenience, as part of the package, you will have a Sun Mattress for the day to lie down or for tanning just beside the beautiful beach.

At around noon time a delicious 3 Course Lunch OR BBQ Lunch buffet is served at the Sands Grill. Should you be interested, you can also book the Drinks package for a supplement as detailed here below.

About the Sands Grill Restaurant (Ile aux Cerfs):

The Sands Grill beach restaurant is a barefoot restaurant serves lightly grilled, fried or steamed local fish, seafood, Mauritian dishes & pizza. The restaurant is also well known for its ideal location right on the main beach of Ile aux Cerfs. Just beside the main restaurant you will find the Sands Bar, offering a selection of drinks, light lunch dishes, pizzas and snacks.

The Sands Grill Lunch Menu

As part of this tour, you have the flexibility of choosing any of the following lunch menus:

Lunch at Sands Grill (seafood restaurant)

Option 1: BBQ Lunch Buffet

  • Starters: Mix green, Shaved mix crudities, Mix grilled vegetable and salsa green, Okra and fresh tomato salad, Fresh pasta salad, Mauritian fish salad, Smoked marlin potatoes salad, Red chili Thai chicken salad, Assorted dressings and vinaigrettes
  • Main course: Chargrill fresh fish, Chargrill ginger chicken, Chargrill mini beef steak, Chargrill lamb sausage, Chicken curry, Tappan mix vegetable, Steam garlic butter potato, Spanish tomato rice and Stir fried egg noodle.
  • Dessert: Fresh fruits cut, Assorted pastries and Vanilla ice cream

Option 2: A 3 Course Set Menu

  • Starter: Japanese style tuna tartar herb and toss mix green, with mint and papaya vinaigrette
  • Main course: Char mix grilled seafood skewers (white fish, calamari and mussels), Vegetable tagliatelline, green & black olive salsa
  • Dessert: Dark Chocolate mousse, green pistachio ice cream & caramel sauce

Menu Vegetarian – Vegetable menu is available upon request. In case you would like a vegetarian meal, you are kindly please requested to inform us during the booking process.

You can choose when to have the lunch which is offered anytime between 12:00 – 14:00.


  • Standard Drinks Package: 0.5 LT water + 1 soft drink or 1 beer or 1 juice – this package offered without time limitation and the drinks can be consumed throughout the day.
  • Unlimited Drinks Package (1 hour during lunch): It is an All Inclusive Beverage package offered during lunch (for a period of 1hour) including house wines, beers, soft drinks and water.
  • Parasailing - It is possible to organize for you to do parasailing during your time on Ile aux Cerfs. The parasailing offers you a breathtaking bird's eye view of Ile aux Cerfs Island, its beautiful beaches and the beautiful east coast lagoon, making it a truly memorable and worthwhile experience. You can go for the parasailing as individual or as a pair. The parasailing is offered for an additional fee of 24 Euro/person. The total duration of this excursion is of about 25-30 minutes, including a parasail flight of about 5-7 min.


  • Opening Hours:
    • Sands Bar: 09.00 am- 05.00 pm
    • Sands Grill Restaurant: 11.00 am- 3.00 pm
  • Boat transfers to/from Ile aux Cerfs are offered from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm. The boat transfers to Ile aux Cerfs are available every 30 minutes, accordingly you benefit maximum flexibility on the exact time you can start / end the tour
  • For an additional charge is also possible to organize for you to do parasailing during your time on Ile aux Cerfs
  • For an additional cost we can offer you the Drinks Package

Optional Drinks Pacakge:

  • Standard Drinks Package: 0.5 LT water + 1 soft drink or 1 beer or 1 juice – this package offered without time limitation and the drinks can be consumed throughout the day 8 Euro
  • Unlimited Drinks Package (1 hour during lunch): It is an All Inclusive Beverage package offered during lunch (for a period of 1hour) including house wines, beers, soft drinks and water 16 Euro

Parasailing on Ile aux Cerfs24 Euro/person

More information about the Sea Activities 3 Days Package


  • You have the flexibility to determine the order in which you will be going for each of these three full day trips
  • Each of the three trips is offered every day
  • This 3 days package including all the activities is suitable for any age (including infants)


It is possible to arrange a car / minivan transportation for all 3 days trips. In such a case you will be picked up from your place of accommodation, be taken to the departure point of each trip, and following the trip, you will be dropped off at your place of accommodation. We offer such transportation service for our cost price.

The exact transportation charge is determined according to your place of accommodation.


When ordering the Sea Activities 3 Days Package you benefit special discounted package price on these trips and excursions.

The special discounted price for the Sea Activities 3 trips package

  • Price per Adult: 129 Euro
  • Price per Child (ages 2-10): 85 Euro
  • Price per Baby (ages 0-2): Free of Charge

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(Valid for 3 months)

By ordering an Open Voucher you will be able to choose your preferred date for this activity during a later stage (when you already have full knowledge of the schedule for your trip) and not during the order process. This way you benefit maximum flexibility regarding the date of the desired activity. The open voucher can be used to go on this specific activity during a period of 3 months from the date of its purchase. To learn more about the option of an open voucher, please read our Order & Payment Methods page.

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