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Experience a Romantic Sunset Catamaran Cruise – Grand Bay

26 February 2018 SHARE  

Spending a Romantic Valentine’s Day aboard a Catamaran in Grand Bay

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, my fiancé took me on a romantic sunset trip, and given that I am an ocean lover & a panoramic admirer, it was bang on! The Sunset Catamaran Cruise-North Coast , takes you for a cruise along the northern coastline onboard a 40-ft catamaran. Departing at 17:00 from the Sunset Boulevard jetty at Grand Bay, the trip lasts for 2 hours, where you can enjoy a magnificent sunset view onboard. The cruise will sail towards the direction of the Coin de Mire Island, and the expected arrival time is at 19:00. Arriving at the departure point, the crew members made sure everything was set and ready to go. They requested us to remove our shoes/sandals upon embarking the catamaran for our own safety and ease. At 17:00, everyone was on board and the catamaran trip started! sunset-catamaran (2) As soon as we departed, the crew members called out everyone’s attention and began explaining the different regulations to follow for our safety and precautionary measures to be taken. With their language versatility, everybody was correctly informed and agreed. Soon after, with the music and chilled beers, a great ambiance was set within the catamaran, along with a picturesque view of the ocean surrounding us. My fiancé and I went to the front and lay down on the net to relax with our refreshing cocktails in hand whilst also clicking photos. We were then called to the bar to be served yummy canapés and Mauritian snacks. I was impressed by the variety of drinks served on board: mineral water, soft drinks, South African wine, beer and special rum cocktails. There was even a special Valentine-day cocktail, the “baby maker”, as they called it. It was not long before we could see the Coin de Mire Island from close enough to admire its beauty on the horizon, and to top it all, the sun was starting to set! The catamaran then stopped for the main attraction of the evening. The sky’s hue turned red and I was in awe of the beauty in front of me, thanking my love for the experience we were sharing. As everyone approached to admire the sunset, a crewmember took out a heart-framed prop for lovers to click the perfect sunset photo in the middle of the ocean. We were the first to take ours, as we were already upfront. sunset-catamaran-3 At around 18:30, we noticed that we were heading back to the coast, and we decided to make the most of the way back by lying on the bow, in each other’s arms with the cool breeze caressing our face. It gets to twilight and we can see lights from ashore- even the signature Grand Bay La Croisette lights could be seen! Every couple was cozying up to each other during the romantic moment and we were already discussing dinner ideas, because we were in Grand Bay. At around 19:10 we debarked on the shore and thanked the crew for this amazing and unforgettable experience. I would like to highlight that from beginning to end, the trip was full of enjoyment and delight. It is the perfect way to spend time with your other half for a romantic ambiance in a natural setting. Indeed a value for money experience! sunset-catamaran (4)

26 February 2018 SHARE  

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