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Visit of the Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth & Chamarel Waterfall

Discover the “Seven-Colored Earth” of Chamarel- a geological curiosity and a major tourist attraction, along with one of the highest waterfall in Mauritius, the Chamarel Waterfall.

Chamarel 7 Colour Earth & Waterfall

The South of Mauritius is famed for its parks, nature reserves and geological landmarks, with the Chamarel Seven Colored Earth being one of them. The earth here is particularly unusual where it has different shades of color. Formed by volcanic rocks cooling at different temperatures, the earth now has various shades of red, brown, grey, and purple. Since the earth is exposed, the rains have carved beautiful patterns into the hillside.

When visiting the park, you will be able to walk between the many sand dunes, along trails and see this unique sight. A small petting farm is onsite where you can see and pet Giant Tortoises, which found their home at the park.

You will also have the chance to view the gorgeous Chamarel waterfall, which is considered by many as the most beautiful waterfall of Mauritius. Three distinct streams plunge down almost 100 meters from the St. Denis River, down into the gorge. The sight of this impressive waterfall against the scenic forests and mountains is truly breathtaking.

About the Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth

Located in the village of Chamarel is the geological wonder, the Seven Coloured Earth. It is one of the most unique and captivating geological sites on the island, with a small area of 7500m².

The soil is of unusual nature since it is found in different shades of colours due to the decomposition process of volcanic rocks. The colors evolved through conversion of basaltic lava to clay minerals. Due to the tropical weather conditions, all water-soluble elements such as silicon dioxide have been washed out. The remains are the reddish-black iron- and aluminum oxides which create shades in blue, cyan and purple.

Chamarel 7 Colour Earth & Waterfall

Since the earth is exposed, rains have carved beautiful patterns into the hillside, creating an effect of an earthen meringue. At first, you will notice shadows on the hills, creating the illusion of different colours, but soon you realise that the colours are real and the shadows were the illusion. The Colored Earth of Chamarel has become one of Mauritius' main tourist attractions since the 1960s.

A wooden fence now protects the dunes and visitors are not allowed to climb on them, although they can look at the scenery from observation outposts placed along the fence. Curio shops in the area sell small test tubes filled up with the coloured earths. It is believed that if the soils were to be mixed together, they would eventually separate.

On the premises, you will also find a children's playground and some giant tortoises.

About the Chamarel Waterfall

Taken from its location name, the Chamarel Waterfalls are listed among the top attractions in Mauritius.

Chamarel 7 Colour Earth & Waterfall

It is also known as one of the highest waterfalls of Mauritius, with a disputed height between 80- 100 meters (almost the same height as the Statue of Liberty). It cascades down, against a scenic backdrop of luxuriant forests and mountains, which is simply breathtaking.

You will find exposed volcanic rocks dating back to some 8-10 million years ago, thus representing some of the oldest lava rocks of Mauritius.

The waterfall is formed by three distinct streams of water sourcing from the River Saint Denis which is near the village Cachette, Cascade Chamarel and La Crete.

The Saint Denis River flows through fields and gorges, seawards and makes for a splendid view. You can choose to see the waterfalls from the upper deck situated at the Chamarel Seven Colored Earth reserve or can head down the trail to enjoy shallow water swimming at the bottom of the Chamarel falls.


The total visiting duration is expected to be just under an hour, where 30 minutes is spent at the Chamarel 7-Coloured Earth and 20 minutes at the Chamarel Waterfall.

Opening Hours:

  • Every day: 08:30 - 17:00


  • Price per Adult: 7 Euros
  • Price per Child: 4 Euros

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