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91% Level of Satisfaction Based on 2 reviews
Location Centre
Operating Hours 10:00 - 20:00
Operating Days All Days
Duration 59 mins
Activity Time Flexible
Comment Monday-Sunday (including public holidays)
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DodoQuest - Escape Rooms Adventure

Feel the thrill of a real game sensation with Dodoquest, when video game becomes a reality!

The Dodoquest offers you a real situation of adventures, amusements, entertainment, and mind boggling puzzles to solve.

You have 59 minutes to find objects, solve puzzles, and unlock all the locks to set you free. Bring your family, co-workers, lover and friends to enjoy an incredible adventure in Mauritius. Use your logic, tactics, and strategies to find the exit and complete the ultimate challenge!

So what it's all about? Dodoquest is an adventure game basically an 'escape quest', inspired by unique scenarios of Mauritian colonial history. It offers you an extraordinary experience to teleport you into the past! You will be placed in a game situation under a themed room, which has authentic design, with dramatic sound effects, interactive objects and special smells to give you a real game sensation.

With Dodoquest, will not only have a fun and exciting time but you will get to discover about the colonial history of Mauritius and nature. You will also have a thrilling experience to break through the prison in search for treasure!

The DodoQuest Adventure Rooms:

Adventurer's cabinet

Dodoquest Room 1: Adventurer's cabinet-Dive into the Past

Do you want to be teleported back to the 18th century Mauritius and experience the colonial period then choose the Room 1 Adventurer's Cabinet to discover the mystery of Pierre Poivre. Renowned for the creation of the botanical garden at Pamplemouses, Pierre Poivre was a horticulturist, a traveller and a memorable personality in the Mauritian history. His life's goal was to find valuable oriental spices for his unique plantation on Île-de-France (the old name of Mauritius).

You are part of Pierre's closest team. Your goal is to find the “gold” nut, carefully hidden in Pierre Poivre’s office and to plant it, so to start his historic plantation! But hurry up – in one hour the nut will dry up completely and you will fail your mission!

Dodoquest Room 2: Prison Break-Try to escape

Prison Break

So you share the same nature of the Dalton bothers? Real handcuffs, real prisoner's suits and real feelings.

You and your friends are unjustly sentenced and locked away in a prison cell. According to prison legend, three prisoners managed to successfully escape from the cell by fooling the guards. How they managed it is a mystery that the jailers never solved.

Maybe, you will have more luck? Your guards are absent and the new shift starts in one hour. You have little time to discover their secret and slip away!

Dodoquest Room 3: Hunter's Hut. Save the last Dodo!

Hunter's Hut

Here you will meet the dreadful hunter with a gun, an old hut in the dense forest, bird cages, surrounding sounds, hidden electronic devices, and the last dodo!

While looking for the long lost Dodo, you stumble across a strange hunter's hut in the forest. Your intuition is right - this hunter is creepy. Judging from the inside of the hut, he was obsessed with birds and had a blood lust to kill every last one of them!

Free the caged birds, find the last and only Dodo egg and don't forget that it is not long until sunset. You have little time left before the hunter returns... with his gun.

Additional information on Dodoquest:

DodoQuest Main Features:

  • Unique scenarios
  • Surrounding sounds
  • Authentic design
  • Hidden electronics
  • Special smells
  • Interactive objects

The DodoQuest Facilities:

  • Large and bright reception
  • Different waiting spaces
  • Bus Parking
  • Competition mode
  • Quiet and cosy house and garden
  • 3 minutes from Bagatelle and Eureka
  • Special events such as birthday parties, team building, etc
  • Catering on demand

Game Rules and Regulation:

Just as any game you have certain rules to follow. These are some important things that you should know before the doors behind you close:

  • You have to come in 20 minutes before the game, to get instructions and be prepared to play.
  • If you don’t complete the game in 59 minutes, the game will be considered not done. But it does not mean you have to stay there; the doors will be opened automatically.

The Complete DodoQuest Game Package (3 Rooms Package):

Choose the all-in-one Dodoquest Game Package for an absolutely fun packed moment! This amazing package entails the three rooms with three different themes including the Adventurer's cabinet, Prison Break, and the Hunter's Hut.

The duration of each room / game is up to 59 minutes, so in total you will get to spend almost 3 hours in the DodoQuest adventure world.


  • Maximum of Participant: 2-5 players
  • Age limit: 8-99 years old; 8-14 years old will be accompanied by their parents
  • Included: Fresh water and beverages; bracelets are provided according to the chosen theme.
  • Operating Hours: 10.00am - 20.00pm
  • Operating Days: Monday-Sunday (including public holidays)
  • Duration: 15 Min preparation + 59 minutes of play time to solve a room puzzle.
  • Duration of the Complete DodoQuest 3 rooms game package: The duration of the complete game package of all 3 rooms together is of about 4 hours, consisting of 3 x 59 minutes of game play, preparation time and free time between the games.
  • Activity Time: Room 1 & 3: 10.00 am; 11.30 am; 02.30 pm; 04.00 pm; 05.30 pm; 07.00 pm. Room 2: 10.30 am; 12.00 pm; 1.30 pm; 3.00 pm; 4.30 pm; 06.00 pm; 07.30 pm


1-2 People Game Package

  • DodoQuest Escape Room Experience for up 2 people for 1 room (game) : 55 Euro

3-5 People Game Package

  • DodoQuest Escape Room Experience for up 3-4 people for 1 room (game): 72 Euro
  • DodoQuest Escape Room Experience for 5 people for for 1 room: 79

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91% Level of Satisfaction Based on 2 reviews

| reviewed by Willie Rontgen – Mauritius | May 17, 2017
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