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All quarantine hotel bookings (for non vaccinated are done via the MTPA Portal. Bookings are done via the portal because they are available as a package (comprising full-board hotel room booking, hotel transfer and PCR tests.)

You are given the choice of room per hotel while booking. We suggest you decide upon your choice of room then as no upgrade will be available once you reach the hotel. Each room is being sanitized and prepared to cater for its occupants thoroughly before their arrival. Also, there are chances that all the rooms are booked already due to the high volume of travellers flying in.

Yes. While booking your hotel room online, you can always specify it. You can also request assistance at the airport.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to. The reason hotel transfers are part of the package is because the authorities aim to limit the exposure/interactions from travellers who just arrived to the country and third parties.

The package you buy does not include the transfer post quarantine. You should make the necessary arrangement to be picked up or to have a rented car at your disposal for when you check out.

Yes. Some hotels have dedicated a number of their rooms for quarantine purposes but other rooms are available in another wing of the hotel for normal hotel booking.

You can always find the right accommodation for you on:

No cooked/processed food will be allowed to be brought into the quarantine hotels. However, once your quarantine period is over and you are given the green light to roam around the country freely, you will be able to do so as much as you want.

If your PCR test is positive, you will be asked to pack your belongings and to isolate yourself (even from your partner/family members/other accompanying parties). Once you are taken to the hospital, if you have another member staying behind at the hotel, your belongings would remain there. Otherwise, they will be kept at the hotel until proper arrangement is done to send them to your treatment facility.

For Vaccinated guests, facilities will be available under some conditions. Beach, swimming pool and gym will be accessible. However the spa remains closed or will operate some treatments under strict sanitary protocols (sauna and hammam remain closed).

Before the results of your first PCR test, you will not be allowed outside of your hotel room. Most of the rooms would have a balcony or a patio, to which you will have access. There are police patrols on every quarantine site to make sure everyone is abiding by the quarantine act. Failure to comply could lead to breach of the act and consequences would follow.

Again, you will not be allowed to leave your room unless you are fully vaccinated and your first PCR comes out negative. Yet, you will be required to keep your masks on in shared spaces unless you are at the beach, in the swimming pool or sitting at the restaurant and bar.

Your package includes an additional health surcharge which covers for the PCR tests and the health treatment if ever you are tested positive. Your medical insurance would need to cover for such costs.

You can smoke on your patio or balcony. Smoking inside the hotel rooms is prohibited.

Unfortunately no visitors are allowed in the quarantine hotels.

You cannot switch hotels during the quarantine period. After the quarantine period is over and your PCR is negative, you will be able to do so.

To get into the airport you will have to show your valid ticket and to have your temperature checked at the entrance. You are requested to check with your respective airline if they require a negative PCR test result.

Your belongings will remain with you at all times.

Unfortunately you will not be able to leave, not only the hotel, but your room as well. From the airport to the hotel, you will not even have access to shops. We suggest you pack all your essentials before flying out. Yet, you could always call room service if you are in need of anything and see how they may help. With the presence of a doctor on site as well, you would be able to have access to some medicines. After the quarantine period is over and your PCR is negative, you will be able to do so.

You could always check in at a hospital or private clinic if you are feeling unwell.

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