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Location South East
Operating Hours 09:30 - 12:30
Operating Days All Days
Duration Flexible
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Kestrel Feeding Tour at Vallée de Ferney

The Kestrel Feeding Tour is an excellent opportunity for you to explore the Mauritian flora and fauna whilst also encountering the island’s only bird of prey, the Mauritius Kestrel. During the tour, you will also get the amazing chance to feed the bird.

The tour will start at La Vallée de Ferney Visitor’s Corner, where you will have to sign documents pertaining to your visit, followed by a briefing of the tour. Usual safety measures include the use of adapted walking shoes, use of mosquito repellent, drinking plenty of water during the trek, keeping mobiles and pagers off when in the forest as well as no littering and no damaging to the animals and plants. After the brief, transport will be provided for you to reach the starting point of the hike.

Kestrel Feeding Tour at Vallée de Ferney

The hike will allow you to admire indigenous plant species like Ebony trees, Coffea Mauritania, Takamakas, Eugenia Bojeria, Araucarias and other species such as the Ravenala, commonly known as the Traveller’s Tree. As you make your way through the endemic forest, you might also come across the Mauritian Flying Fox, a megabat and other aviary species such as the pink pigeon and the green cateau.

At the end of the 3 km walk, it will be time to feed the kestrels. The reserve’s kestrels will be hand-fed by the guide and should make for quite a spectacle, as you watch them fly and swoop in the forest.

If you wish to have lunch right after, a 100% Mauritian Cuisine awaits you at the restaurant Falaise Rouge offering a superb lagoon view. The restaurant provides an excellent choice of dishes from a typically Mauritian menu, including local produce such as venison, chicken and fish.

About the Kestrel Feeding Tour

  • 09h30: Arrival at La Vallée de Ferney Visitor’s Corner
  • 09h35: Signature of documents
  • 09h40: Briefing of the visit
  • 09h50: Bus or 4x4 Departure to starting point
  • 10h00: Hike Starts
  • 11h55: Arrival on “Kestrel Feeding” Spot
  • 12h00: Kestrel Feeding
  • 12h30: Bus or 4x4 Departure
  • 12h45: Arrival at Visitor’s Corner


  • 13h00: Lunch at Falaise Rouge or "La Caze Farata"

Additional Info - Mauritius Kestrel

The Mauritius Kestrel was once regarded as the world’s rarest bird; by 1974 only four were known to exist in the wild. This raptor was once common throughout Mauritius’s coastal and mountain areas. With the destruction and degradation of native forest for lumber and clearing for agriculture, the numbers declined drastically.

However, intensive conservation efforts have increased the population to around 400 individuals: one of the greatest success stories in species recovery programmes. The programme involved a combination of the intensive management of the wild population, captive rearing of rescued eggs as well as captive breeding for release into the wild.

Optional lunch at Vallée de Ferney - Falaise Rouge Menu


Starter: Smoked Marlin Salad

Main Course

  • Fish Stew
  • Lentils
  • Rice
  • Chutney

Dessert: Caramelised Papaya & Vanilla Ice Cream

Drinks (Either / Or)

  • 1 Juice / 1 Water / 1 Soft drink

Vallée de Ferney Chef Speciality

Starter: Chicken Salad

Main Course

  • Deer ‘Vindaye’
  • Lentils
  • Rice
  • Chutney

Dessert: Caramelised Papaya & Vanilla Ice Cream

Drinks (Either / Or)

  • 1 Juice / 1 Water / 1 Soft drink


Starter: Green Salad & Feta

Main Course

  • Vegetable Curry
  • Lentils
  • Rice
  • Chutney

Dessert: Caramelised Papaya & Vanilla Ice Cream

Drinks (Either / Or)

  • 1 Juice / 1 Water / 1 Soft

About Vallée de Ferney

Kestrel Feeding Tour at Vallée de Ferney

Vallée de Ferney is mostly composed of partially rehabilitated rainforests, with a large number of plant species, most of which are endangered or vulnerable. It is also the natural habitat of the rare Mauritius Kestrel and other endangered species.

As one of the last nature refuges on the island, La Vallée de Ferney was opened to the public to provide an exclusive experience of the indigenous biodiversity of Mauritius. Hiking circuits run through the indigenous forests of the valley and guided tours are conducted for groups of 10 people.


  • Region: South East
  • What to bring: It is recommended to bring water, hiking shoes, sun cream, cap, change of clothes and mosquito repellent, and camera.


Kestrel Feeding Tour with lunch

  • Price per Adult: 57 Euros
  • Price per Child (3 - 10 years): 42 Euros
  • Price per Child (0 - 2 years): 13 Euros

Kestrel Feeding Tour without lunch

  • Price per Adult: 25 Euros
  • Price per Child (3 - 10 years): 13 Euros
  • Price per Child (0 - 2 years): Free

This activity is not available until further notice

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