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Location North
Minimum Age 10
Operating Hours 08:00 - 16:00
Operating Days All Days
Duration Flexible
Activity Time Flexible
Transportation Offered as Supplement
Comment Divers must bring their log books and diving qualification certificates
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Diving In The Northern Coast Of Mauritius

Mauritius, the gem of the South Indian Ocean invites you for an extraordinary scuba diving experience in one of the safest regions where you can enjoy warm sea temperatures, clear visibility and a vibrant ecosystem all year round!

Diving Sessions In The Northern Coast Of Mauritius - Pereybere

There is nothing as adventurous and exciting than exploring the deep waters of the colourful South Indian Ocean during your vacation in Mauritius. This tropical island is a year-round diving destination, though the summer months (November to March) are optimum as the warmer waters attract a wider variety of marine life.

You will definitely have amazing encounters varying from sea sponges and clown fish hiding among the anemones to moray eels, angelfish, reef sharks, gorgeous coral reefs and not to forget some haunting shipwrecks dating back to the 18th and 19th century.

The best diving spots in Mauritius are along the northern coast where there is a mix of shallow dives such as the breeding ground of Pereybere Aquarium and ray-filled Confetti Bay. More challenging dives and outings include the wreck of the Japanese trawler Stella Maru and dramatic sites like Peter Holt’s Rock. These dives are full of caves, tunnels and crevices which shelter a broad variety of porcupine fish, giant moray eels and titan triggerfish.

The visibility underwater is usually about twenty to twenty-five meters, although in favourable weather conditions this can become as much as forty meters. The temperature of the water ranges from about 20°C to 30°C, depending on the time of year. It is important to know that during the summer seasons you can expect cyclones clouding the water and making the currents unpredictable. However, over the past years their frequency has drastically decreased.

When diving off the coast of Mauritius, it is almost guaranteed that you will see sharks, dolphins, tuna fish, rays, eels, turtles, lobsters, lion-fish, parrot-fish, crabs, sergeant-major fish and box-fish, just to name a few. The crystal clear water, the abundance of fish life and colorful reefs provide magnificent backdrops for underwater filming and photography opportunities.

Popular North Coast Diving Sites

When it comes to choosing the appropriate diving spots in Mauritius, scuba divers are definitely spoilt by the eclectic range of places. There are numerous dive sites strewn all over the island. Beginners can start at the shallow side of the ocean, whereas experienced divers can head straight for the more adventurous dive sites such as cliffs, caverns, reefs, pinnacles and wrecks.

We offer diving trips to the following popular north coast diving sites:

  • Aquarium (depth:10-18m)
  • Temple (depth: 9-15m)
  • Stephen Cliff (depth: 8-12m)
  • Coral garden (depth: 10-21m)
  • Poison Reef (depth: 7-12m)
  • Whale Rock (depth: 18-38m)
  • Lost Anchor (depth: 19-31m)
  • Stenopus Reef (depth: 18-31m)
  • Stella Maru (depth: 14-25m)
  • Emily and Water Lily (depth: 14-25m)
  • Silver Star (depth: 26-41m)
  • Flat Island (depth: 8-15m)
  • Confetti Bay (depth: 10-22m)
  • Iabeddah Wreck (depth: 16-32m)
  • The Tube (depth: 7-11m)
  • Black Forest (depth: 35-50m)

About The Scuba Diving Session - Pereybere (north Coast)

Dive leisurely and be ready to explore the wonders of the South Indian Ocean. The highly trained SSI, PADI and CMAS instructors are always here to guide you throughout your diving experience. With years of experience in the diving field, you can trust their expertise.

Equipment that you will most likely use consist of wetsuit, a mask, snorkel, fins, regulator, buoyancy control device and a tank. There are also safe lockers where you can keep your belongings.

Diving Options:

  • 2 Tank Dives with equipment rental
  • 4 Dive Pack with equipment rental
  • 6 Dive Pack with equipment rental
  • 11 Dive Pack with equipment rental (10 Dives + 1 Free Dive)
  • 33 Dive Family Pack with equipment rental (30 + 3 Free Dives + 3 T-shirts)

Additional Information About The Diving Center At Pereybere

Situated on the Northern Coast of Mauritius, the eco friendly diving center offers amazing diving experiences around the five incredible islets which are considered great diving spots with depths and topographies for all levels. Diving sites include; square profiles, multilevel dives, caves, wreck explorations, cliffs, coral gardens, shark dives, drift dives and safari dives.

Additionally, the centre provides a personalised touch and individualised services. The full-time and highly trained SSI, PADI and CMAS instructors provide diving courses and programs designed to suit your needs. The diving centre is equipped with: a dive shop, booking reception and an external air and Nitrox compressor room. There are safe lockers to store your belongings.

The diving centre is pleased to allow beginners and experienced divers to choose their own training path through several international Scuba Diving organizations such as: PADI, SSI, SDI and TDI.


  • To learn more about the diving conditions in Mauritius check our Diving in Mauritius page
  • You can also learn about the different diving courses available in Mauritius, the general structure of a diving course, and the biggest global diving organizations by checking our Diving Courses page


Diving Sessions In The Northern Coast Of Mauritius - Pereybere

Meeting Point: Pereybere, North Mauritius


  • A medical certificate stating no indication against diving must be provided on arrival
  • The activity is accessible to anyone in good physical condition, not suffering from cardiovascular, hearing or respiratory problems.
  • The diving trip is not suitable for pregnant women.

Reservation: Required 48 hours in advance and is subject to availability.

What to bring: Sunscreen, towel, and other items that you deem necessary.


  • Dives are still carried out under rain unless safety is compromised
  • Parents should accompany children (under the age of 18)
  • Divers must bring their log books and diving qualification certificates.
  • All divers will be required to fill in a medical and liability form.
  • The diving packages are not limited to one person, ie; more than one person can go on diving and use these packages. Bigger packages are ideal for groups/families that plan to go diving.
  • These dives packages are only valid at the diving center in Grand Bay.


  • 2 Tank Dives with equipment rental: €80 (€40 / dive)
  • 4 Dive Pack with equipment rental: €152 (€38 / dive)
  • 6 Dive Pack with equipment rental: €216 (€36 / dive)
  • 11 Dive Pack with equipment rental (10 Dives + 1 Free Dive): €363 (€33 / dive)
  • 33 Dive Family Pack with equipment rental (30 + 3 Free Dives + 3 T-shirts): €1023 (€31 / dive)
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