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Having difficulty in choosing the perfect activity? Then you are definitely at the right place with our list of best selling and most popular activities. These activities show the latest holiday booking trends, letting you take inspiration from past experiences of many thousands of happy clients.

For your convenience, you are sure to find activities from almost all categories, catering for all traveler profiles, through wide variety of packages in range of prices.

So, take a look at our most popular activities to do in Mauritius and decide for yourself. So many amazing places and so little time! Start your next adventure now and experience something worth writing home about.

3 days Fishing Trip to Soudan Bank

This package is not available until further notice 3 days Fishing Trip to Soudan Bank Your 3 days Journey to Soudan Bank on board our Professional Fishing Boat Experience guaranteed catches and… Read More

Special Offer4,160€ 4,140€

North East

Duration : 3 days

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