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Location South West
Minimum Age 4
Operating Days All Days
Duration 8 hrs 45 mins
Activity Time 07:00 - 15:45
Transportation Offered as Supplement
Comment Maximum of 7 passengers, preferably no more than 3 anglers
from 569€

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Big Game fishing trip from Black River - 40 ft boat – Full Day - Mauritius West Coast

Exclusive Full Day Deep Sea Fishing activity on a 40ft boat in the deep seas off the west of Mauritius.

A Full Day activity (7:00am –15:45pm) of adventure and fun on a 40 feet fishing boat, ideal for 3 anglers and can accommodate up to 7 passengers.

Amidst that idyllic setting, anglers will feel privileged to have the infinite blue sea to themselves, and all the time in the world to make their dreams of the perfect catch come true. Exclusivity is guaranteed.

Deep Sea/ Big Game Fishing in Mauritius

Mauritius is very famous for deep sea fishing which has been practiced by the locals for many years. With perfect conditions prevailing throughout the year, the possibilities to fight giant Blue Marlin, Black marlin, Mako sharks, Tuna and many other exciting fish are made available to experienced anglers and beginners.

Deep Sea/ Big Game Fishing in Mauritius

Mauritius holds several world fishing records (IGFA), including that of the mako shark of 1115 pounds, the blue shark of 400 pounds, a bonito of 41.5 pounds, a white tuna of 224 pounds and a ‘bécune’ of 125 pounds.

The famous Blue marlin's enormous size and legendary fighting ability makes it one of the most highly targeted gamefish in the world. These true giants are top of the food chain. They lurk in the waters surrounding Mauritius, waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting tuna or a lure bubbling and splashing behind a boat. They are generally loners and put on a spectacular battle when hooked, jumping all over the surface while also staying under and fighting down and dirty. Battle's with these monsters can last well over three hours; the longest fight in Mauritius was twenty six hours before the line broke!

With its rich marine fauna, Mauritius is revered by Deep Sea Fishing enthusiasts worldwide.

For an angler, little can compare to the thrill of the chase to get the adrenalin pumping. The roar of the inboard Caterpillar engines, and the scream of tightly stretched line when a marlin or other game fish has struck the Kona, is a pulse-racing experience!

Come and discover firsthand the roar of the inboard Caterpillar engines, and the scream of tightly stretched line when a marlin or other gamefish has struck the kona, is a pulse-racing experience!

Deep Sea Fishing at the West of Mauritius (Black River region)

Big-game fishing at the West of Mauritius, draws all anglers, from beginners to professionals, straight to our jetty for their thrilling adventure with us.

Deep Sea/ Big Game Fishing in Mauritius

Marlin, shark, wahoo, dorado, tuna, bonito and more all offer sporting action to boast about. Spend an unforgettable voyage off the West Coast of Mauritius, well-beyond the calm coral reefs, to the areas of incredible depths where the monster fish dwell as the sea floor drops off past the 3000m mark.

This makes it the perfect place to bring those eager for a trophy catch. While at sea, keep your eyes alert to stand the chance of witnessing unique displays by Mother Nature’s creatures. The West Coast of Mauritius is a big-fish Mecca where all the action happens. Where else can you expect to strike any six of the seven billfish such as Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, Spearfish, Swordfish, Sailfish and possibly also catch shark, Wahoo, Dorado, Tuna, and Bonito, all on the same day?

About this Fishing Trip (40ft boat Black River)

Come and enjoy our Exclusive Full Day Deep Sea Fishing on a 40ft boat which is ideal for 7 passengers, but preferably no more that 3 anglers.

Deep Sea/ Big Game Fishing in Mauritius

Experience the exhilaration reeling in your catch after a memorable battle: Man against Nature.

As the ocean floor drops to depths exceeding 3000m an easy ride from the Black River jetty, cruising in maximum comfort onboard our boat, you reach the areas of open sea supporting the rich marine biodiversity that attracts anglers from all over the world. No matter if you are a complete novice or an accomplished professional sportsfisherman, this fishing trip guarantees excitement and pleasure.

As this is a full day trip, you will have plenty of time to reach far into the deep sea and seek for the really big catches such as the giant Blue Marlin or even catch.

Also, the region of the South West of Mauritius is the home of groups of dolphins and as part of this full day fishing trip you will have the opportunity to cruise inside the Tamarind Bay seeing and even swimming alongside dolphins.

With some luck you may also encounter the fascinating Sperm Whales which are found year around off the west coast of Mauritius.

Our experienced crews combine their skills to set up the perfect lines, best suited to that day’s fishing conditions. Our boats are excellently equipped for your adventure with us.

Deep Sea/ Big Game Fishing in Mauritius

The boat crew is incentivized to catch fish so you can be sure they’re doing their very best to get The Big One on the line. It’s up to you to bring it in!

All ladies and children are welcome on our boat. Children prove to be resilient sportspeople and ladies often get unexpectedly wrapped up in the excitement. Fishing is, of course, not only for the men.

For your lunch break, you can opt for a light meal including sandwiches while you fish. This will allow you to enjoy your fishing activity with no interruptions. If you opt for the BBQ lunch, however, the activity will be interrupted and fishing time will be reduced.

About the Fishing Boat

Deep Sea/ Big Game Fishing in Mauritius

The fishing boat is an ideal all-day cruising vessel that also endures heavy weather with ease. It is 40 feet in length with 2 inboard Perkins Sabre engines of 130HP each.

The maximum boat capacity is of 9 people, consisting of 2 staff members and 7 guests which can enjoy a most comfortable outing onboard.

The main deck is spacious to effortlessly fit your prize catch and also offers seating on the flybridge for elevated views of the striking surroundings. Just relax and take it all in!

Boat size: 12.5m x 3.6m (40 feet)

Navigation equipment: Garmin GPS, compass

Communication equipment: VHF Radio, cell phone

Safety equipment: 10 life jackets, 2 life buoys, medical box, fire extinguishers, anchor, automatic and manual water pump

Fishing equipment: Penn International reels (typically a selection of 130 lbs, 80 lbs and 50 lbs), harness, bucket, gaff, flying gaff, fighting chair and wide choice of lures and exciters. Optional jigging equipment available.

Other equipment: fresh water tank and pump, toilet, berth, cool box, binoculars and CD player Should you have any particular preferences regarding reels or the fishing line’s breaking strain, let us know as we have a large stock of equipment from which to draw. We are passionate about fishing and can easily cater for the most fanatical of anglers who wish to do nothing but fish from sunup to sundown. We will just need some warning to prepare all that you request.

Included in our full day Deep Sea Fishing activity are complimentary snacks and beverages (all included in the price of the activity). Provided onboard the boat selection of soft drinks, beers and dry snacks.

Lunch Menu

As part of this exclusive full day activity on our 40ft boat, it is possible to enjoy a delicious lunch:

Option 1: Sandwiches - no lunch break, offering you the chance to enjoy the fishing activity with no interruptions

Option 2: full BBQ Lunch consisting of Salad, BBQ chicken, fish, rice, French fries and of additional traditional Mauritian dishes. The lunch is served onboard the boat and is offered for an additional charge of 20 Euro / person. Plus, the fishing activity will be interrupted and fishing time will be reduced.

Important: To enjoy exclusivity and total freedom, we offer our clients all the fishing trips on exclusive-private basis. Accordingly, you will be going on your own private fishing boat for a half or full day. Also you benefit personal guidance from the qualified boat’s staff who can teach you all about fishing, about selection of fishing techniques.


  • Maximum of 7 passengers on the 40ft boat, preferably no more that 3 anglers
  • This is a full day activity departure from Black River (south west of Mauritius) at 7:00 am, and return at around 15:45 pm
  • There is a shower and toilet on board
  • Free beverages and snacks are included
  • Please note that clients will not be allowed to keep any of the fish caught during the excursion.

Price for the Exclusive Full Day boat trip on the 40 feet boat including up to 7 passengers: 569 Euro

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