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Location South West
Operating Days All Days
Duration 7 hrs
Activity Time 09:30 - 16:30
Transportation Included in price
Comment As this is a private trip, we can customize the tour route and times as per your preferences
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Tour of Mauritius South West Region – Mauritius Private South West Classic Tour

Discover the beautiful South West of Mauritius, one of the most beautiful areas of Mauritius.

The South West classic tour is definitely one of the must tours to go to when visiting to Mauritius and a must area to discover and explore firsthand.

This is a Private Tour, only for you to go in a private vehicle (including pick up and drop off from anywhere in Mauritius)!

As part of this tour you will visit many interesting and exciting sights in one day:

  • Chamarel village (including Chamarel waterfall and seven colored earth)
  • Viewpoint of Morne Brabant and l'ile aux Benitiers
  • Black River Gorge (viewpoint of Alexandra waterfalls)
  • Mangal Mahadev – Shiva Statue
  • Grand Bassin (the sacred lake and Hindu temple)
  • Mare aux Vacoas
  • Trou aux Cerfs (Mauritius famous crater)
  • Baie Du Cap Maconde View Point
  • Visit to the Le Morne Peninsula

The full day private South & Southwest classic tour includes:

  • Pick up and drop off from any hotel / place of accommodation anywhere in Mauritius
  • Full transportation to all the sights
  • A personal driver guide to show you around and inform you on each of the sights

All along, you will travel in maximum convenience in an air-conditioned family car / minivan (for bigger groups), with an experienced driver/guide to show you around.

The Mauritius South West Classic Tour – Tour Itinerary

Chamarel Village – Visit of Chamarel Waterfall and Chamarel seven (7) colored earth. The village of Chamarel in southwest Mauritius is home to two natural wonders - the magnificent Chamarel waterfall and the seven colored earth of Chamarel. The seven colored earth is one of the wonders of Mauritius and is considered one of the must places to see.

Mauritius South West Tour (Classic Private Tour)

The Seven Colored earth - The “seven-colored earth” of Chamarel is a geological curiosity and a major tourist attraction of Mauritius. This is a small (7500 m2) area of strikingly bare landscape located within a large, dense forest. The earth is particularly unusual; created by volcanic rocks that cooled at different temperatures, the earth form beautiful patterns of color in the exposed hillsides. The rocks were pulverized into sands with various shades of red, brown, grey, and purple. Since the earth was first exposed, rains had carved beautiful patterns of many colors into the hillside. When visiting the park, you will be able to walk between the many sand dunes, along trails and see this unique sight. Also, there is a small petting farm where you can see and pet Giant Turtles which found their home at the park.

Chamarel Waterfall - As part of the visit of Chamarel village, you will also have a great viewpoint of the gorgeous Chamarel waterfall. By many it is considered the most beautiful waterfall of Mauritius. Three distinct streams plunging down from almost 100 meters from the St. Denis River, down into the gorge. The sight of this impressive waterfall against the scenic forest and mountains is truly breathtaking.

Black River Gorges Nature Park and Alexandra Waterfalls - As part of this tour you will also drive through the Black River Gorges Nature Park, where you will see many endangered species of plants and animals. Along the way you will stop for a viewpoint of the Black River Gorges nature park and of Alexandra waterfalls.

Mangal Mahadev – Shiva Statue. Beside Grand Bassin you will also get to see the statue of Lord Shiva. The statue is of 108 feet (33 meters) and is the highest known statue in Mauritius (and one of the 50 highest statues in the world). The sight of the Mangal Mahadev statue is quite impressive as it is a beautiful crafted very big statue.

Mauritius South West Tour (Classic Private Tour)

Grand Bassin (also known as Ganga Talao). Grand Bassin is a lake situated 6km South East of Mare aux Vacoas in a secluded mountain area in the district of Savanne, deep in the heart of Mauritius. It is about 1800 feet (550m) above sea level. Grand Bassin with its Hindu temple is a holy lake for Mauritians of Hindu faith. The lake rests in the crater of an extinct volcano. It is said that the water inside the lake communicates with the waters of the holy Ganges of India. The Hindus of Mauritius declared the Grand Bassin as a Holy lake. The Hindu community performs there a pilgrimage every year on the Maha Sivaratri (Shiva’s Great Night), on this day they honor the Lord Shiva. Beside the lake there is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and other Gods including Hanuman, Lakshmi, and others.

Mare aux Vacoas - From Trou aux Cerfs you will continue to the town of Curepipe, and then to the Mare aux Vacoas, the largest freshwater lake and reservoir of Mauritius. Mare aux Vacoas is found to the south of Curepipe and is considered one of the island main water sources. Mare aux Vacoas, Dotted with casuarina and coniferous trees offers a unique surrounding of an alpine wilderness.

Trou aux Cerfs – Mauritius famous crater. From Floreal heading to Curepipe, you will stop on the way to visit the Trou aux Cerfs. This huge natural volcanic crater, 85m deep and 200m wide, was formed millions of years ago. Here you will have a beautiful panoramic view of the crater and the town of Curepipe, and when the sky is clear it is possible to see all the way to Reunion Island.

Baie Du Cap Maconde View Point - Located on the south coast of Mauritius, Baie Du Cap is a small, quaint village. The region is well known for its natural beauty and its wild, rugged coastlines. The Maconde View Point is located between Le Morne and Baie du Cap. It is set on a curved portion of the coastal road, on the peak of a small rocky cliff where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean.

Le Morne Peninsula - While heading to the Southern Coast of Mauritius, you will find yourself in a secluded area, close to the pristine nature where the landscape is totally different from the rest of the island. There you will soon spot Le Morne Brabant which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. With a summit of 556 meters, it used to be an escape haven for the runaway slaves dating back to the 19th century.

Mauritius South West Tour- Classic

Start & End times:

  • Duration: The duration of the private South West tour is 7 hours
  • This private tour is offered every day
  • Departure time: 9:30 am from your hotel / place of accommodation
  • Return time: 16:30 pm back to your hotel / place of accommodation

(Upon request it is possible to start or finish the tour in a different time)

Car Capacities

You can choose from a selection of vehicles types

  • Family Car - Up to 4 passengers
  • 6 Seater vehicle - Up to 6 passengers
  • Minivan - Up to 10 passengers

About the drivers

  • All drivers speak fluent English and French (Upon special request we can organize driver who speaks additional languages). The drivers, citizens of Mauritius, will be happy to provide you with information about Mauritius and each of its sights.
  • All drivers are very professional, time efficient and friendly. There is high emphasis on being always on time and providing reliable devoted service to customers.

Lunch Menu at Varangue Sur Morne Restaurant

As part of this tour, we offer you to enjoy a delicious lunch and a unique dining experience at the beautiful Varangue sur Morne restaurant which is nestled high up in the Black River mountains. The view of the south-west coast, from Le Morne to Black River is unsurpassable in beauty as it stretches from dense forests the haven of monkeys, wild deer and varied birds, amongst others - to the shimmering turquoise and blues of the Indian Ocean.

Varangue sur Morne has overtime, hosted important events and functions, with well-known personalities, such as Mrs Sonia Gandhi, Prince Edward, President Jacques Chirac, Robert de Niro, and important dignitaries / Heads of States.

The Varangue sur Morne restaurant will surely offer you a unique dining experience against a spectacular backdrop.

You can choose from the selection of dishes below:

Menu A

  • Starter:

Pasta Salad Summer Season : Fusilli with Olives prepared with a touch of Mustard, Mayonnaise and a fresh Mint Flavour

  • Main Course:

Chicken and Potato Stew served with Rice, Mixed Salad and Lentils

  • Dessert:

Tapioca, our local Sagoo with a Coconut Flavour, Varangue Sur Morne Style

Beverage Package: ½ Mineral Water with with Coffee or Tea

Menu B

  • Starter:

Tropical Salad Varangue Sur Morne Style

  • Main Course:

Grilled Fish with Creole Sauce and Sauteed Vegetable

  • Dessert:

Banana “Flambée” served with Vanilla Ice Cream

Beverage Package: ½ Mineral Water with with Coffee or Tea

Menu C

  • Starter:

Fish Salad with our special Dressing

  • Main Course:

Chicken and Prawns curry served with Rice, Mauritian Greens and Lentils

  • Dessert:

Fresh Fruits Salad

Beverage Package: ½ Mineral Water with with Coffee or Tea

Kid’s Menu

  • Mini Chicken or Mini Fish, Chips
  • Ice Cream

Price for the Lunch Menus

  • Menu A: 24 Euro / person
  • Menu B: 32 Euro / person
  • Menu C: 38 Euro / person
  • Kid’s Menu: 15 Euro / child


  • The private tour is done in a private car / minivan (for bigger groups) and includes full transportation to all the sights, pick up and drop off from any hotel in Mauritius and a driver to show you around.
  • This tour is under time limitation as per the times mentioned on this page / booking voucher, in case of additional hours beyond the agreed tour times, there will be an additional fee of 15 Euro (Rs 550) payable directly to the driver on the day of your tour.



The Transportation prices are Per Vehicle (and not per person). You can choose the vehicle type according to the number of passengers in your group.

  • Private Daily Tour in a family Car (for up to 4 people): 79 Euro
  • Private Daily Tour in a 6 Seater vehicle (for up to 6 people): 89 Euro
  • Private Daily Tour in a Minivan (up to 10 people): 99 Euro

The above transportation prices are per vehicle and not per person.

Entry Tickets Packages (includes entry tickets to all the sights as part of this tour):

  • Price per Adult: 7 Euro
  • Price per Child (ages 3-12): 5 Euro
  • Price per Baby (ages 0-2): Free of charge

The prices of the entry tickets packages are special discounted prices.

Lunch Menu at Varangue Sur Morne Restaurant

  • Menu A: 24 Euro / person
  • Menu B: 32 Euro / person
  • Menu C: 38 Euro / person
  • Kid's Menu: 15 Euro / child

Total Tour Price Per Person

Number of Participants Total Price Price Per Person
2 Adults 93 Euro 46 Euro
4 Adults 107 Euro 27 Euro
6 Adults 131 Euro 22 Euro
12 Adults 183 Euro 15 Euro
2 Adults + 2 Children 103 Euro 26 Euro

* The total tour price includes: Private Transportation and Entry Tickets to all the sights

Booking Attributes

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2 Choose Booking Option

When choosing this order option, you will be asked to enter your preferred date for going on the activity as part of the order process. This option will entitle you to reserve and guarantee your place for this activity on a specific preferred time and date that suit you most. Please note that in case you order any activity which takes more than 1 day, the preferred date represents the date on which you would like to start the activity.

(Valid for 3 months)

By ordering an Open Voucher you will be able to choose your preferred date for this activity during a later stage (when you already have full knowledge of the schedule for your trip) and not during the order process. This way you benefit maximum flexibility regarding the date of the desired activity. The open voucher can be used to go on this specific activity during a period of 3 months from the date of its purchase. To learn more about the option of an open voucher, please read our Order & Payment Methods page.

86% Level of Satisfaction Based on 40 reviews

| reviewed by Gabriele Sohlmann – Germany | February 19, 2020
Reaction time to your queries and requests
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Added value given to you by the travel consultant
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Overall satisfaction from the activity

Our Guide Asish was perfekt.

| reviewed by Sharon Murray – Christian Decotter Cruise Terminal, Port Louis | October 28, 2019
Reaction time to your queries and requests
Travel consultant’s professionalism level
Added value given to you by the travel consultant
Consultant’s knowledge of Mauritius and the products / services
Overall satisfaction from the customer support service
Level of services provided as part of the activity?
Level of professionalism by activity operator staff / guide
Your level of enjoyment from the activity
Ease of booking the activity
Overall satisfaction from the activity

Ashish was terrific, and really went out of his way to make the day special. The support from Madavee and others in the office was also wonderful, and much appreciated as we were booking from outside the country. (Also, please note that something doesn't seem to work with this online feedback form, as my star ratings were not accepted. But just so you know, I gave five stars for *everything* ???? ) Thank you!!!!

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