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94% Level of Satisfaction Based on 3 reviews
Location North
Location Centre
Minimum Age 10
Operating Days All Days
Duration 9 hrs
Activity Time 08:30 - 17:30
Transportation Included in price
Comment When ordering this day package you benefit special discounted package price
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Underwater Sea Walk – North Tour – Port Louis - Shopping - Day package

Visit selected exciting sights and attractions of Mauritius in one day!

This trip offers you to enjoy an exciting Underwater Sea Walk adventure, followed by a visit to some of Mauritius’ main sights of the North region and ending the trip with visit of Port Louis and little free time for shopping.

You will get to enjoy a safe and fascinating underwater walk on the ocean bed (about 3-4m depth), and witness firsthand the magnificent marine life of Mauritius, visit the sugar estate and discover the profound effect and the key part of sugar in the history and identity of Mauritius, see the famous botanical garden home to an incredible variety of tropical plants, explore Port Louis the capital of Mauritius and also shop around at Port Louis waterfront complex and central market.

As part of this day package you will visit and enjoy

  • Underwater Sea Walk Adventure
  • Visit and tour of the Sugar estate & Museum
  • Visit of Mauritius National Botanical garden
  • Visit of the city of Port Louis – The Capital of Mauritius

Included in the price of this special day package are

  • All trips and excursions charges
  • All entry fees
  • Full transportation to all the sights, 
  • Pick up and drop off from any hotel / place of accommodation anywhere in Mauritius
  • A personal driver guide to show you around and inform you on each of the sights 

Suggested Day Itinerary

  • 07h00 – 08h30* Pick up from your place of accommodation
  • 09h00 – 10h15 Underwater Sea Walk
  • 10h45 – 12h00 Visit and tour of the Sugar estate & Museum
  • 12h00 – 12h45 Lunch at the Le Fangourin restaurant**
  • 13h15 – 14h30 Visit of Mauritius National Botanical garden
  • 15h00 – 17h00 Visit of the city of Port Louis – The Capital of Mauritius
  • 17h30 – 18h30 Drop off at your place of accommodation*

*The exact pick up / drop off time will be determined according to the location of your place of accommodation.
** The lunch at the Fangourin restaurant is not included in the price of this trip.

Information about each Sight and Excursion

Underwater Sea Walk

The Underwater Sea Walk is one of the most unique attractions that one must experience when visiting Mauritius. It is a true once in a life time experience for all the non divers out there!
Enjoy a safe and fascinating underwater walk on the ocean bed (about 3-4m depth), and witness firsthand the magnificent marine life of Mauritius, the beautiful fauna, corals, and a wide variety of fish, all in their natural habitat. Qualified experienced guides will accompany you along the course of the Underwater Sea Walk guaranteeing your maximum safety.
This is a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to discover the underwater world from within, and make your fantasies come true.
The Underwater Sea Walk does not require any knowledge of swimming or diving and you are not even required to remove your glasses.

Underwater Sea Walk

The Underwater Sea Walk excursion begins with a motorboat transfer from the center of Grand Baie to a platform situated inside the lagoon at the North of Mauritius. Upon arrival to the platform you will receive a pre departure briefing on the gear, the local marine life, on safety procedures and on the underwater walking trail.
Then, with the help of the guide you will go off board the platform to start your underwater walk adventure.

How does it work? A helmet with a transparent visor is placed on your head. A special apparatus allows normal breathing under the water. Life Guards assist in taking you underwater and accompany you throughout the walk to guarantee your maximum safety. Once there you will experience the undersea world from close and will enjoy walking on the ocean floor which feels like walking on the moon.


  • Total time of the excursion is approx. one and half hours (walk itself takes about 25 minutes)
  • The underwater walk is suitable for all people aged from 10 years old
  • Wetsuits and soft underwater shoes are available and provided free of charge
  • Glasses or contact lenses may be worn during this excursions (you will not get your head wet)
  • Participants do not need to know how to swim
  • What to bring swimming costume and a towel

Mauritius National Botanical Garden

Mauritius National Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is home to an incredible variety of tropical plants, many of them indigenous. The Botanical Garden is one of the most visited sights in Mauritius. It was first opened as a private garden by the French governor of Mauritius nearly 300 years ago. The botanical garden stretches over endless acres of land and it can take you more than a week to cover the whole garden. The Botanical Garden is populated with more than 650 varieties of plants among which are the famous Baobabs, the palmier bouteille, the ineluctable giant water lilies, dozens of medicinal plants, 85 different varieties of palms, a big spice garden and many more. As part of the tour, you will get to explore the Botanical garden and have a taste of their beauty.

Sugar estate and Museum

The Sugar estate and Museum located at the North West of Mauritius stretches over 5000 square meters. In the estate you will discover the profound effect and the key part of sugar in the history and identity of Mauritius. You will also hear local sugar tales and stories on sugar in Mauritius and on its importance. As part of the sugar estate tour you can see a selection of panorama videos and films on many sugar related subjects. Also, you will have the opportunity to shop at the estate’s boutique.
Be sure not to miss this great opportunity to enjoy the tastes and purchase unique-local made special sugars, and also the very famous local made Mauritian rum!

Visit and Tour of Port Louis

Enjoy a visit of Port Louis the capital of Mauritius. Port Louis is the Mauritius' largest city and the economic and administrative center of the island. Right off the main square you can stroll besides the palm-lined Place d'Armes. You can see some wonderful French colonial buildings, especially the Government House and the Municipal Theater. You will have free time to visit Port Louis Waterfront and the Le Caudan Waterfront shopping complex. The bustling Port Louis Waterfront offers exciting shopping and entertainment venues intermingle with world-class hotels and restaurants overlooking the Port Louis Harbor. The waterfront area has become an essential actor of the vivid tourism and cultural life in Mauritius.

Visite de Port-Louis

The craft market in particular is a hive of activity with wonderful ambiance where you are sure to find a lot of souvenirs for the family back home.

Another place to visit is the Port Louis central market – the market is a fun place to visit and the ideal place to find many local made products, textiles, Mauritian spices, fruits and many souvenirs for very cheap prices. On your free time you can stroll the city streets and see several sightseeing attractions such as The Anglican and Catholic cathedrals, the main city Mosque, Chinatown, the Supreme Court house, the 18th century Barracks and the Natural History Museum (free entry).

Lunch at Fangourin restaurant

As part of this tour, we offer you to enjoy a delicious lunch and a unique dinning experience at the beautiful Fangourin restaurant situated inside the sugar estate. With its perfectly preserved vegetation, its picturesque pond with lush greenery and geese, the restaurant offers a stress free environment conducive to relaxation. The Fangourin cuisine is inspired from unique flavors while maintaining a rich Mauritian culinary heritage. The restaurant quickly became renowned thanks to its unique setting and colorful and gourmet cuisine.

You have the freedom to choose from 3 possible set menus

(both set menus are identical except for the main dish which is different as part of each menu)

Appetizer: Assorted Fangourin appetisers served on garlic and parsley tartines

Starter (available with all menus): Mauritian-style fish salad with candiedRodrigues lemon

Main course (3 options to choose from):

  • MENU A - Creole chicken, stewed brèdes (local greens) Accompaniments: White rice and cucumber salad
  • MENU B - Grilled grouper, seasonal vegetable fricassé Accompaniments: Fried rice with raisins and cucumber salad
  • MENU C - Braised deer with local spices, breadfruit medallions Accompaniments: Fried rice with raisins and cucumber salad

Dessert: (applicable to all the menus) A light mousse of mango topped with a coconut and combava crumble

Drinks: 0.5L water, Tea, Coffee or Herbal tea

Prices for the lunch menu are

  • Menu A 22 Euro/person
  • Menu B 26 Euro/person
  • Menu C:30 Euro/person

Additional information regarding this day tour package


  • The private tour is done in a private car / minivan (for bigger groups) and includes full transportation to all the sights, pick up and drop off from any hotel in Mauritius and a driver to show you around.
  • The shopping complex and markets in Port Louis are closed on Sunday.
  • Non - Diving accompanying participants can join onboard the underwater sea walk diving platform and accompany their diving partners for a charge of 15 Euro/person

Excursions & Entry Tickets Packages

When ordering this day package you benefit special discounted package price on these trips and excursions.

Included in the price Underwater Sea Walk Adventure, visit and tour of the Sugar Estate and Museum, visit of the botanical garden and visit and tour of Port Louis, entry tickets to all the sights.

The special discounted price for this package

  • Price per Adult 49 Euro
  • Price per Child (ages 7-12) 45 Euro


As part of this day package, it is Compulsory to book for the transport service as well and below, please find the prices breakdowns

The Transportation prices are per vehicle (and not per person). You can choose the vehicle type according to the number of passengers in your group.


  • Private Daily Tour in a family Car (for up to 4 people) 79 Euro
  • Private Daily Tour in a 6 Seater vehicle (for up to 6 people) 85 Euro
  • Private Daily Tour in a Minivan (up to 10 people) 115 Euro

The transportation charges are per vehicle (and not per person) referring to the number of passengers applicable for each vehicle type.

About the drivers

  • All drivers speak fluent English and French (Upon special request we can organize driver who speaks additional languages). The drivers, citizens of Mauritius, will be happy to provide you with information about Mauritius and each of its sights.
  • All drivers are very professional, time efficient and friendly. There is high emphasis on being always on time and providing reliable devoted service to customers.


  • DVD of your entire underwater sea walk experience are available for 50 Euro
  • Price per Non - Diving accompanying participants: 15 Euro

This Activity Is Not Operational Until Further Notice

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94% Level of Satisfaction Based on 3 reviews

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Great experience

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