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  • Are you looking to learn how to scuba dive, discover new adventures or simply see the phenomenal world beneath the waves?
  • Do you want to improve your diving skills, gain more safety while diving, experience exciting adventures in amazing diving sites?
Mauritius Diving and Diving Courses

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, than Mauritius is the perfect place for you to take a diving course and enjoy amazing dives!

In Mauritius you are sure to find both beginners and advanced diving courses to fulfill all these wishes.

Mauritius Attractions offers a vast selection of dive courses in  Mauritius, which are given in French, English and German (it is also possible to arrange courses in other languages upon request -minimum number of participants is required).

Now you can experience Scuba Diving in Mauritius, with Mauritius’ friendliest and the most professional Dive Center.

Which diving courses are available in Mauritius?

We offer all the diving courses currently offered by the top two world diving organizations: PADI and CMAS.

Both these diving organizations offer a wide selection of courses for all ages and levels including also a wide range of Specialtiy Courses (such as: Deep Diver, Underwater Photographer diver, Night Diver and many more).

What is the difference between PADI and CMAS?


PADI Diving Course Mauritius

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors is the world's largest recreational diving membership and diver training organization founded in 1966. PADI members, including dive centers, resorts, educational facilities, instructors, and divemasters, teach the majority of the world's divers.

PADI courses range from entry levels (such as Scuba Discovery Diver - Initiation dives, and Open Water Diver) to master scuba diver and a range of instructor certificates. The PADI system is composed of modules with standardized learning objectives divided into theory and practical skills dives.
PADI courses are performance based dive programs, and at the introductory level emphasize practical knowledge, safety and motor skills.


CMAS Diving Course Mauritius

The Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques is an international organization for diver training organizations. It was founded in Brussels on 1958. CMAS offers an international framework for dive qualifications. Members of the CMAS Councils are recognized national dive organizations which guarantee the CMAS standards within the constraints of local dive situations. They award their own national qualification cards (CMAS cards).
CMAS has a Star system for grading diver and instructor qualifications and certifications.

PADI List of Courses:

Below you can find breakdown-course plan of the diving courses offered by PADI.

Diving Courses in Mauritius

PADI Recreational Diving Certifications:

  • PADI Skin Diver (Snorkeling)
  • PADI Junior Scuba Diver
  • PADI Scuba Diver
  • PADI Junior Open Water Diver
  • PADI Open Water Diver
  • PADI National Geographic Diver
  • PADI Adventure Diver
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
  • PADI Rescue Diver
  • PADI Speciality Courses
  • PADI Master SCUBA Diver

PADI Speciality Courses

PADI provide a range of speciality courses, examples of which include:

  • PADI Altitude Diver Speciality Course
  • PADI Boat Diver Speciality Course
  • PADI Cavern Diver Speciality Course
  • PADI Deep Diver Speciality Courses
  • PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Speciality Course
  • PADI Diver Propulsion Vehicle Speciality Course
  • PADI Drift Diver Speciality Course
  • PADI Dry Suit Diver Speciality Course
  • PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course
  • PADI Enriched Air Diver Speciality Course
  • PADI Equipment Specialist Speciality Course
  • PADI Ice Diver Speciality Course
  • PADI Multilevel Diver Speciality Course
  • PADI Night Diver Speciality Course
  • PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Speciality Course
  • PADI Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Speciality Course
  • PADI Project AWARE Fish Identification Speciality Course
  • PADI Project AWARE Specialty Course
  • PADI Search and Recovery Speciality Course
  • PADI Semiclosed Rebreather Course Speciality Course
  • PADI Underwater Naturalist Speciality Course
  • PADI Underwater Navigator Speciality Course
  • PADI Underwater Photographer Speciality Course
  • PADI Underwater Videographer Speciality Course
  • PADI Wreck Diver Speciality Course

Open Water Diver Mauritius

Scuba Diving CMAS Courses Mauritius

CMAS List of Courses:

Scuba diving certifications

  • CMAS Scuba Diver - limited depth, etc, certification since only pool training done
  • 1 Star - Competent, open water diver
  • 2 Star - Can supervise a recreational diving group
  • 3 Star - Supervisor of a diving project

Snorkel diving certifications

  • 1 star - Snorkel Diver
  • 2 star - Snorkel Diver
  • 3 star - Snorkel Diver

Instructor certifications

  • 1 Star - Can certify up to/including 1 star diver
  • 2 Star - Can certify up to/including 1 star instructor
  • 3 Star - Can certify up to/including 2 star instructor; aka Course Director
  • Nitrox instructor
  • Confirmed Nitrox instructor
  • Photo instructor level I
  • Cave diver instructor level II
  • Marine Science instructor level I
  • Apnea instructor
  • Rebreather instructor

Speciality certifications

  • Basic Nitrox diver
  • Advanced Nitrox diver
  • Night diving
  • Search and recovery
  • Photographer level III
  • Cave diver level II
  • Marine science level I
  • Rebreather diver

Apnea (free-diving)

  • Apnea level I
  • Apnea level II
  • Apnea level III
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