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Mauritius Main Cities and Places of Interest

Mauritius Main Cities and Places of Interest

Mauritius is divided into nine districts which consist of different towns and villages. The island of Rodrigues used to be the country's tenth district before it gained autonomous status in 2002.

The total land area of the country, as per the Mauritius geography, is 2040 km2, making it the 181st largest nation in the world by size.

Mauritian territory also incorporates the island of Rodrigues, which is situated some 560 kilometers to the east and is 104 km2 in area.

The population estimate (as of 1 July 2011) for the whole republic is 1,286,340, of whom 633,916 were males and 652,424 females. For the island of Mauritius only it is 1,248,129 and Rodrigues island 37,922.

For your convenience the guide is divided into to several pages which you can easily access using the buttons here below. Also, please note that we keep updating the guide on regular basis, so please make sure to check it often for updates.

Mauritius Cities and Sights Guide:

Grand Bay

Grand Bay Mauritius

Grand Bay, (or Grand Baie) is a seaside village and large tourist beach in the district of Rivière du Rempart at the north of Mauritius. Grand Bay was once called De Bogt Zonder Eyndt (Bay Without End) by the Dutch in the 17th century, and when visiting the village it is easy to understand why.

Today, the resort town of Grand Bay is the most popular holiday destination in Mauritius...


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Flic en Flac

Flic en Flac Mauritius

Flic en Flac, situated along the west coast of Mauritius, has become the second tourist area of Mauritius after Grand Baie.

The west coast of Mauritius has developed much slower than the north region, but still, beautiful villages such as such a Flic en Flac have developed from little fishing villages into small towns gaining the reputation of a top holiday destination...


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Port Louis

Port Louis Mauritius

Port Louis , the Capital of Mauritius, is rich in yesterday’s treasures merging beautifully with our present. It is economic centre-point of our paradise island and the largest city.

Port Louis is offers its visitors with many sights explore and is definitely a must visit for any traveler to Mauritius...


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Quatre Bornes (Four Boundaries)

Quatre Bornes (Four Boundaries)

Quatre Bornes (Four Boundaries), also known as the city of flowers, is a town in Mauritius located in the Plaines Wilhems District, the western part also lies in the Rivière Noire District.

Quatre Bornes is one of the most happening places for both nightlife and shopping in Mauritius. One of the must visit sites in Quatre Bornes is the local market where you will find thousands of tiny shops providing colourful textiles, souvenirs, toys, electronics and so much more.


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Ebene Mauritius

Ebene is located at the center of the island and is the second most important business hub after Port Louis. It is the preferred destination for business and professionals to create wealth and employment through the use of information technology.

The construction of Ebene Cybercity began in November 2001, with the suburb being promoted as a new information technology hub for Mauritius and as a link between African and Asian markets.


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Belle Mare

Belle Mare Mauritius

Belle Mare is found in the midst of the touristic region, on the East Coast of Mauritius, the village of Belle Mare is a calm hamlet with a year-round holiday-perfect climate and is one of the favourite vacation hotspots of both Mauritians and tourists.

Belle Mare is today mainly a beach resort area, attracting visitors from Europe and Asia because of it's tropical year-round climate.


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Cap Malheureux

Cap Malheureux - Mauritius

Cap Malheureux is a small fishing village located between Grand Baie and Anse la Raie. This picture perfect village is surely one of the most beautiful on the island of Mauritius. With it’s perfect tropical beaches and turquoise blue sea that extends out towards the dramatic Mauritian islands situated off the coast, Cap Malheureux is the embodiment of instagramable.

The name Cap Malheureux, meaning "Unlucky Cape", was given by the French who held control of the island from 1715 to 1810.


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Bel Ombre

Bel Ombre - Mauritius

Set on Mauritius’ wilder, less developed southern coastline, Bel Ombre is the perfect destination for nature-loving travellers who prefer unspoiled beauty to shops, restaurants and bars. Beaches here are some of the most picturesque on the whole island, and the backdrop of Le Morne Brabant lends a touch of drama to an idyllic peninsula.

There was a pond on the Bel Ombre sugar estate home to a species of salmon-like fish called the “shadow” (“ombre” in French).


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Mahebourg - Mauritius

Mahébourg is a small town on the south-eastern coast of the island of Mauritius. It’s a great place to get a taste of real Mauritian life, where fishermen heading out on their wooden boats and lively local markets are found alongside interesting museums, local eateries and street food stalls.

The southeast saw the arrival of the Dutch (the first inhabitants of the island) in 1598, and later the French in 1715.


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Trou d'Eau Douce

Trou d'Eau Douce - Mauritius

Trou d’Eau Douce is a fishing village located on the eastern side of the island. With the beauty of its little streets, its corrugated iron huts, its beach and, of course, its inhabitants, Trou d’Eau Douce is a captivating place. Being a fishermen village, it's very common to see some of them early in the morning, unravelling their nets or fishing materials at the Débarcadère, the fish landing station.


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Grand Gaube

Grand Gaube - Mauritius

Grand Gaube is a sleepy fishing village located approximately 10km from the Grand Baie on the northeast coast of Mauritius.

This coast is typified by small bays and rocky headlands which form a stunning coastline. The area exudes a wonderful colonial atmosphere and is alive with traditional Mauritian folklore and the excellent selection of hotels in Grand Gaube will make your holiday memorable in every way.


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Albion - Mauritius

Nestled in the west part of Mauritius, Albion is known as the quietest little village of the island and it is home to the famous lighthouse of Pointe aux Caves, as well known to be a fishing hotspot and a remote beach destination.

Albion, as the name suggests, has been taken from Great Britain (blonde Albion) because of the disrupted relief that is reminiscent of the cliffs of Dover in England.


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Trou aux Biches

Trou aux Biches - Mauritius

Along the northern coast of Mauritius, located in the district of Pamplemousses, lies the charming town of Trou aux Biches. This popular tourist area is full of exciting experiences, outdoor activities and wonderful restaurants and bars. What was once a quaint fishing village, Trou aux Beach has now turned into one of the ultimate areas to stay in for those looking to see some of Mauritius’ most famous sights. Trou-aux-Biches began as a fishing village in the 19th century. Its name appears on the Lislet-Geoffroy map drawn in 1807 during the French colonial rule of the island.


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Curepipe - Mauritius

The town of Curepipe is the second biggest town in Mauritius after Port-Louis, with a population nearing 100,000 habitants. This beautiful town, nicknamed the city of lights, will conquer your hearts both during daytime and at night. From colonial relics to nice restaurants to beautiful gardens, Curepipe has much to offer visitors.


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Tamarin - Mauritius

Tamarin is a village on the western coast of Mauritius and is known for the salt pans, surfing spots and nightlife.

Set in a picturesque environment, surrounded with trees and mountains, the small fishing village of Tamarin exudes an incomparable energy and harmony that seduce visitors. It is considered a favourable seaside and tourist destination. Tamarin is renowned for its authenticity, its waves,its gray sand beach and its incredible sunset.


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Pereybere - Mauritius

Located just a few kilometers from Grand Baie , the small picturesque village of Pereybère is a haven of peace for travelers who dream of authenticity. Renowned for its superb public beach which is much less touristy than that of Grand Baie, Pereybère is located in a strategic location which provides access to the most beautiful sites in the north of Mauritius. Along the Pereybere coast, you will find many typical restaurants and in the center some vibrant bars.


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Chamarel - Mauritius

The Chamarel village is popular for its scenic landscapes and the 7 color earch reserve, which you have probably never seen anywhere else on the planet. The distinct natural attractions have blessed Chamarel making it an unparalleled tourist attraction to behold and discover. The village is known for its "hushed buconic vibe and cool breezes”, parks, attractions and nature reserves.


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Blue Bay

Blue Bay - Mauritius

Blue Bay, located in the south-east of Mauritius, not far from Mahebourg, is a village which is known for its beach not only by Mauritians, but also by tourists, who visit it as often as they can. Reflecting bright colours and a charming landscape, Blue Bay Beach is one of the most welcoming and visited ones on the island. Entertainment, modernity, peace, tranquility, what is there not to love about this village?


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Goodlands - Mauritius

The typical village of Goodlands is the place to go for a folk shopping day. Goodlands is located in the North of Mauritius, between the villages of Petit Raffray and St. Antoine. This village of more than 20 000 inhabitants is organized along an active and overflowing main street of shops of all kinds.

Goodlands is indeed known for its markets, or ‘fairs’ as we say here, filled with fruits and local vegetables, textiles and other odds at low prices.


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Pointe aux Cannoniers

Pointe aux Cannoniers - Mauritius

Pointe aux Canonniers offers proximity to Grand Baie, Cap Malheureux, or Mont Choisy, while being far enough away to keep you away from the hustle and bustle. It is no wonder that the real estate sector is rapidly developing in this welcoming village.

Indeed, this coastal area has only a few large hotels and is a change from the crowds of large villages. Pointe aux Canonniers is dotted with elegant seafront boutique resorts and laid-back guest houses, plus dining options from upscale French eateries to al fresco seafood shacks.


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Balaclava - Mauritius

Named after the infamous battle site in the Crimean war, Balaclava is located by the mouth of the Citron River in the northwest coast of Mauritius and was once the flourishing estate of a rich and famous family. Today, the remains of this estate can be found as the ruins forming part of the Maritim hotel. This is where you will notice how the terrain drops dramatically down to the river, and the remnants of an ancient mill and a powder depot can be found.


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Moka - Mauritius

Moka is one of the most interesting towns of the Central Plateau of Mauritius as it is home to the country's academic centre and the official home of the president. The scenery is dramatic here, too, with waterfalls, valleys and the towering Le Pouce mountain in the background.

Moka's main attraction, though, is the colonial mansion of Eureka. Almost perfectly preserved from the mid-19th century, it provides a window onto the island's disturbing history of colonization and is a great place to visit for a taste of national history.


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Mont Choisy

Mont Choisy - Mauritius

Mont Choisy is situated in the north west of Mauritius and is a place that attracts not only tourists but also many mauritians. There are a lot of things to do in Mont Choisy, many activities, restaurants, and many hotels to discover. However it is well known above all because of the beautiful beach found there.

Mont Choisy is a beautiful destination if you want to see beautiful landscapes, have fun and enjoy a great time by the perfect beach.


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Le Morne

Le Morne - Mauritius

The village of fishermen, Le Morne is located in the South of Mauritius behind Le Morne Brabant Mountain which is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The inhabitants of Le Morne proudly preserve the spirit of Le Morne mountain by passing on its history for several generations.

Le Morne has kept all the authenticity of a small Mauritian village between coastal fishing and the cultivation of the land.


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Port Mathurin - Rodrigues

Port Mathurin - Rodrigues

Located on the northeast coast of Rodrigues Island , the small town of Port Mathurin is one of the smallest capitals in the world. The city takes its name from the first inhabitant of the island, the French colonist Mathurin Bréhinier. Colonial-style houses and shops with colorful facades give this town a certain quaint charm.Sights include its market, while the town also has the island's only bus station and a viewpoint on Mount Fanal, south of the town. There is a Roman Catholic church, an Anglican church, and a small mosque. Other landmarks of Port Mathurin include Marie, Queen of Rodrigues, a statue of the Virgin Mary located in Pointe Canon.


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