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Trou aux Cerfs Overview

One of the famous natural tourist attractions in Mauritius is the Trou aux Cerfs dormant volcano located about 1 kilometer from the town of Curepipe. The dormant, volcanic crater is around 605 meters above sea level, with a diameter of 350 meters and a depth of around 100 meters. Interestingly, Trou aux Cerfs is also called ‘Murr’s Volcano’.

Trou aux Cerfs

Trou aux Cerfs Key Highlights:

  • Lush Green Dormant Volcano
  • Crater Lake
  • Jogging Park
  • Majestic view of the Rempart Mountain, Trois Mamelles, and the Port-Louis- Moka mountain range.

Trou aux Cerfs - Scenic landscapes

Unlike the typical volcanic features, Trou aux Cerfs’ crater is surrounded by a vast area of lush forest consisting of indigenous plant species and some giant green pine trees. It is believed that the Trou aux Cerfs erupted once and has remained dormant for the last 700 000 years; experts believe that there is a potential chance for it to become active again.

Definitely, one of the main highlights is the 360-degree view of the town, Curepipe, and the majestic view of the Rempart Mountain, Trois Mamelles, and the Port-Louis- Moka mountain range.

Trou aux Cerfs - Jogging Park

This luxuriantly green sanctuary is a favourite jogging spot for the locals living in the region. It has become a socializing spot where you can find local joggers every day in the morning, at around 05h00. There is also a wooden kiosk where you can sit, relax and of course appreciate the unparalleled natural beauty. It can get a little cold due to the surrounding woods and height, so a light sweater or shawl can be brought along.

Trou aux Cerfs

Trou aux Cerfs Access Points

There are three main access points to Trou aux Cerfs, notably ‘La Hausse de la Louviere Road’, ‘Edgar Huges Road’ and ‘Crater Lane’. You will easily find parking facilities and additionally, there is a radar station that keeps an electronic eye on cyclonic activities.

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