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When to visit Mauritius?

Wondering what’s the best time for your Mauritius getaway? Wish to enjoy its turquoise waters & pristine beaches? Whether you're longing for warm sunny days or cooler weather, understanding the best seasons to visit can make all the difference.

Located in the southwest Indian Ocean, Mauritius welcomes visitors with a warm and pleasant tropical climate influenced by southeast trade winds. The inviting temperatures make it a year-round destination, catering to diverse preferences.

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Choosing the right time:

Deciding when to visit Mauritius involves weighing the pros and cons of different periods. Each season offers its unique charm, so the answer very much depends on you, and your exact holiday preferences.

The warmest weather occurs during the month of February while the coolest temperatures tend to hit during July.

In general, the western and northern regions are warmer and drier than those in the east and south.

Visiting Mauritius during Summer

The Mauritian summer months, from November to April, are ideal for a Mauritius beach holiday.

When you visit during this season, the days are long, hot and humid, making swims in the ocean more refreshing and the breeze more welcome. Summer is usually the peak tourist season in Mauritius, so you can expect crowds, especially on the beach.

Highlights of Summer in Mauritius:

  • Tropical warmth to soak up
  • Extended beach days to enjoy
  • Crystal-clear waters for water sports
  • Optimal conditions for diving (December to March)
  • Prime time for big game fishing (October to April)
  • Bustling beach scenes with a peak in tourist activity

Pro Tip: The cyclone season spans from late December to March.

You can find out more about the Cyclones in Mauritius here..

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Visiting Mauritius during Winter

Seeking a more relaxed holiday? Consider Mauritius during its winter months, from May to October. Cooler temperatures and reduced humidity make it an optimal time for inland activities like hiking and quad biking.

Highlights of Winter in Mauritius:

  • Off-peak season with lower hotel prices and bargain opportunities with taxi drivers and shop vendors.
  • Minimal rainfall, mainly in the evening
  • Ideal conditions for surfers along the west coast, especially Tamarin and Le Morne (June to August)
  • Serene visits to historic and scenic attractions with fewer crowds

Pro Tip: A perfect tan can be achieved even in winter with the sun’s gentle warmth during midday.

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