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Roads Map of the island of Mauritius

Here you will find Road maps of Mauritius offering representation of Mauritius many roads, highways, cities and villages. These road maps can be a great aid for navigation while in Mauritius.

Mauritian roads are pretty easy to traverse and you will find road signs along the way. With that, a decent road map can be very helpful too.

Below please find 2 different road maps of Mauritius, which offering a different overview of the road system of Mauritius.

While planning your road trip in Mauritius, remember that the island of Mauritius is relatively a small island, just over 60km in length and under 50km across. This is why it is perfectly possible to reach all four corners of the island in a day. With that, when planning your driving course in Mauritius, you should take into account the speed limitations and the small roads. Of course you should also leave enough time for you would to spend along the way to visit many of the sights, attractions, centers and beautiful viewpoints.

Click on the map image to see a larger image of each of the Mauritius Roads Maps.

For your convenience you can print out any of these maps of Mauritius Island and use them during your vacation in Mauritius.

Mauritius Roads Map

Roads Map Mauritius
Mauritius Roads Map
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