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Discover the Rivers of Mauritius

Mauritius is home to a number of rivers and most of the rivers have their source in the uplands of Mauritius, where the rain falls on the mountain slopes.

With a total of 40 kilometers (25 miles), the Grand River South East is the country's longest river. It is situated in the central-eastern part of the country. The Black River (Rivière Noire), Post River (Rivière du Poste), Grand River North West, and Rempart River are the other major rivers.

The majority of the island's rivers flow down to the sea from the Central Plateau, which is continuously moist during the year. The porosity of the soil, the amount of precipitation, the amount of infiltrated water, the amount that spills off, the geography of the land, and the vegetation in the surrounding areas all play a role in the development of rivers.

Rivers form in a radial pattern, beginning at one stage, the central plateau, and branching out to the sides. Plaine Champagne, for example, is one of the highest points on the island at 700 meters, and it is where many streams begin their journeys.

Here are some info about the major rivers:

Grand River South East (GRSE)

The GRSE originates on Butte Chaumon and flows down through sugarcane and tea plantations alongside its tributaries, the Riviere du Rempart, Riviere Vacoas, and Riviere Francoise. From Pave Citron Bridge, it cascades over a series of lava flows until it reaches the sea in a funnel-shaped estuary.

Grand River South East (GRSE) - Mauritius

The Grand River South East is the longest river in Mauritius and this spectacular waterfall is close to the mouth and is also accessible by boat.

After Île aux Cerfs, the GRSE waterfall is one of the most popular attractions on the east coast. Every day, there are trips to the river and waterfall from the villages of Trou d'Eau Douce and GRSE.

Hiking can be arranged following a trail from the village Beau Champ down to the mouth of the river which finishes its course at the sea.

Grand River North West (GRNW)

The Grand River North West is the second longest river in Mauritius, with a length of 22 kilometers. Unlike GRSE, GRNW is mostly found in urban areas, despite the fact that it flows through sugarcane fields. The Cascade river, Moka river, Terre Rouge river, and Plaines Wilhems river all originate on the central plateau, where underground water gives rise to many small tributaries.

Grand River North West (GRNW) - Mauritius

Rivière Noire ( Black River)

Rivière Noire has cut its gorge back into the uplands and exposes solid bedrock along much of its course. This river is the largest stream with a length of 12km and dissect the volcanic shield and the spectacular views from its highland rim are famous.

Rivière Noire ( Black River) - Mauritius

Rivière Tamarin (Tamarin River)

The Rivière Tamarin is a river in Mauritius' southwest region. It is the outflow of Mare aux Vacoas, the country's largest lake. It flows west from there, passing through the Tamarind Falls and into the Ocean near the village of Tamarin. It's about 12 kilometers long in all.

Rivière des Créoles

Rivière des Créoles is a river in southeastern Mauritius. It flows southeast for 13 kilometres, reaching the ocean close to the city of Mahébourg.

Rivière des Créoles - Mauritius

Rivière du Poste

Rivière du Poste with a length 22 km, is named after the second largest river in Mauritius which crosses by the village and separates it into two districts: Savanne and Grand Port. The local Post office opened in 1909 which was prior, a Railway Station.

A popular attraction is the Pont Rouge (Red bridge), an old railway track which is now used by pedestrians to cross the river. There are numerous attractions such as waterfalls across the river at different spots.

Rivière du Poste - Mauritius

Rivière du Rempart

Rivière du Rempart is located in the northeast of Mauritius . It originates in La Nicolière, a lake in the central north, and flows northeast with a length of 11km to the Ocean near the village of Poste de Flacq. The Rivière du Rempart District is named after the river.

Another Rivière du Rempart can be found in the Black River district, near Tamarin's entrance and this one flows with a length of 15km.

Rivière du Rempart - Mauritius

Rivière du Tombeau

Its source is on the slopes of Pieter Both Mountain, from where it flows north and then west for a total of 16 kilometres, reaching the Indian Ocean at Baie-du-Tombeau, north of the capital of Port Louis.

Rivière du Tombeau - Mauritius

Rivière Citrons

Rivière Citron is located in the northwest of Mauritius and its stream originates near the lake La Nicoliere and flows northwest with a length of 10km to the ocean near the village of Balaclava.

Rivière Citrons - Mauritius

Rivière des Galets

Rivière des Galets with a length of 9km starts its course from the Black River Gorge and flows south to the ocean. The beach riviere des galets is named after this river

Rivière des Galets - Mauritius

Rivière des Lataniers

Rivière des Lataniers begins its stream in Moka and flows through the capital, Port louis before terminating its course on the west coast of Mauritius

Rivière du Poste de Flacq

Rivière du Poste de Flacq originates in the district of Flacq located in the east of Mauritius and flows with a length of 21km to the ocean on the east coast.

Rivière du Poste de Flacq - Mauritius

Rivière Saint-Denis

Rivière Saint-Denis can be found near the village of Chamarel which cascade down beautifully from a height of 83 metres forming the Chamarel falls which then merge to Riviere du Cap before terminating its course in the ocean at Baie du Cap in the south of Mauritius

Rivière Saint-Denis - Mauritius

Rivière Terre Rouge

Rivière Terre Rouge is small river in the district of Pamplemousses and is located near the village of D’Epinay which then merge with Rivière du Tombeau

Rivière la chaux

Rivière la chaux originated near Rose Belle Village and flows east with a length of 20km through the village of Mahebourg before terminating its course in the ocean.

Rivière la chaux - Mauritius
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