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Mauritius Sunshine: All You Need to Know about Daylight Patterns

Whether you’re planning your photography excursions or simply eager to understand this tropical paradise’s sunlight, we’re here to illuminate you about the sunny skies of Mauritius!

Mauritius receives between 6.5 to over 8 hours of bright sunshine every day, with slight variations between season and region. Coastal areas typically experience more sunlight than high grounds.

Although the duration of daylight remains relatively consistent throughout the year, daylight hours in Mauritius fluctuate little with the seasons.

  • During summer (November to April), expect the sun to rise around 5 AM and set around 7 PM, providing 7.5 to over 8 hours of sunshine along the coast.
  • In winter (May to October), daylight hours extend from around 6 AM to 6 PM, with coastal regions receiving above 7.5 hours of bright sunshine.
Sunrise in Mauritius

Why does it get dark early in Mauritius?

Due to its location relative to the equator, Mauritius experiences earlier sunsets, typically between 5:45 PM and 6:30 PM, depending on the season.

When is the longest day in Mauritius?

December marks the longest days in Mauritius, with nearly 13.5 hours of sunshine per day, from around 5:30 AM and sets around 7:00 PM.

In contrast, June sees shorter days, with around 11 hours of sunshine.

Which regions of Mauritius receive the most sunshine?

Coastal regions, particularly the northern and western coasts, receive the most annual sunshine, making them ideal spots for sun-seekers. The north of Mauritius generally enjoys one hour more sun throughout the year than other regions.

Note: The UV index in Mauritius can reach high levels, emphasising the importance of sun protection measures, including sunscreen, to prevent skin damage from UV radiation.

Wish to enjoy the perfect sunset in Mauritius?

We’ve got a range of sunset cruises that give you the chance to admire breathtaking views of the sun dipping into the sea and lighting up the horizon in a whole spectrum of red, pink and orange shades.

Bonus tip: The hour before sunset, known as the golden hour, offers ideal lighting conditions for your perfect shots.

Sunrise Sunset Mauritius

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