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Exploring Mauritius’ Famed Underwater Waterfall - Is it real?

You’ve probably heard about the iconic Victoria falls in Africa and the world-renowned Niagara and Iguazu falls in America but have you heard of an underwater waterfall?

Yes, it exists and you’ll only find it exclusively in Mauritius!

Mauritius is a place of many wonders with its stunning beaches, jewel-toned lagoons and spots of multi-colored earth but there is a breathtaking sight in the south of the island that seems to defy the laws of physics.

Mauritius Underwater Waterfall

Mauritius Underwater Waterfall: An Illusion?

The stunning underwater waterfall, found along the shores of Le Morne Brabant on the south west coast of Mauritius, is actually an optical illusion.

  • How is that possible you ask? The illusion is caused by sand and silt sediments moving under the influence of strong underwater currents.
  • Can we see it from up-close? It’s difficult to see the underwater waterfall from the shore but one can witness the exceptional beauty of the underwater waterfall only from a bird’s-eye view, which is why seeing it from a helicopter or a seaplane is a popular choice for many.

Here are a few ways to tour the Underwater Waterfall:

p.s. These tours make for some very special photos that give the impression that the waterfall is real!

Mauritius Underwater Waterfall

Exclusive Seaplane Tour of the Underwater Waterfall

You can discover the majestic Underwater Waterfall, the waterfall cascade that went viral, and more iconic landmarks of the island from a private seaplane.

Seaplane flight options include:

  • 15 minutes flight: Fly over the Underwater Waterfall Illusion
  • 25 minutes flight: Underwater Waterfall Illusion + Extended Seaplane flight
  • 40 minutes flight: The most Popular Option. Underwater Waterfall Illusion + unique bird’s eye view of Mauritius’ Southern coast and a UNESCO World Heritage Site - Le Morne Mountain
  • 80 minutes flight: Get all the perks of the options above for 1+ hour
  • *DUO option: For any of the options chosen, two passengers in two different seaplanes fly side by side (1 passenger per plane)
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Mauritius Underwater Waterfall Helicopter Tour

Undeniably spectacular and breathtaking, this illusory underwater waterfall can also be seen from a helicopter.

Reasons to book the helicopter trip:

  • You can choose between a Private or Shared helicopter sightseeing trip, taking off from the North, South, or East Coast helipads or from the Airport.
  • You’ll have a trained and experienced helicopter pilot to guide you throughout your amazing trip.
  • You’ll enjoy aerial views of the coastline, the silhouettes of mountains, and the wonders of Chamarel.
  • And of course, you’ll get to witness the fantastic natural optical illusion of the Underwater Waterfall!

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Mauritius Underwater Waterfall
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